Ok Grandma…Time For Your Wii-habilitation

My mom had surgery yesterday – – a complete ankle reconstruction.  At her age, I guess her ankles were developing unsightly wrinkles, so before sandal season, she decided to have them done.  (Just kidding, mom. Geez!)   Anyway, Grandma (for kicks, lets just call her Time-worn Techie, or TT for short) will be off her ankle for a few months, and in need of some serious physical therapy for quite a while.  But the great news?  Her grandsons are fully ready to be her primary therapists.

Apparently, according to the Associated Press, doctors and therapists are recommending the Nintendo Wii as part of some patients’ therapy protocol.  As all of us who have secretly been sneaking into the den after little Bobby and Betsy are safely tucked in for the night in order to play Wii Golf know, the Wii is more than just a little fun.  And playing Wii games requires many of the same range of motion movements that therapists use with their patients.  So combining fun and therapy is a win/win situation, right?


Well…unless you are not exactly as techie as some of us.  My husband had knee surgery last summer, and had a good many physical therapists throughout his recovery.  I have to admit I’m getting a little tickled trying to picture any one of those dear ladies trying to operate a Wii for their patients.  One of them had great difficulty remembering exactly where the therapy pool light switch was located each time.  I’m guessing that she might struggle a bit with setting up a patient’s Mii, toggling between connection settings, and logging patient game scores.  But who knows?  Maybe there was some suppressed, untapped tech-iness lying dormant underneath those hot pink scrubs.  I’m just thankful it didn’t burst out all over my unsuspecting hubby!

Perhaps we are getting to experience a new cultural phenomenon.  What if PT’s all over the country are aging out of their profession as we speak?  What if Wii Therapy begins being offered as a High School elective, and instead of heading to their part-time job at McDonald’s after school, teens beeline toward Regency Sports Therapy for some extra gas money?  Fathers all over America will be lecturing to their ten-yr-olds how they had to wash filthy cars and mow overgrown lawns to help out their family, and the time has come that they must pick up their Wii remotes and pull a little weight of their own.

Well, my boys are primed and ready.  They’ve spent countless hours in on-the-job training.  They have sacrificed precious homework time to prepare themselves for the task.  When TT gets home from the hospital, she has two of the most highly skilled, experienced Wii therapists at her disposal.  Just remember, mom…we don’t take insurance.  (I love you mom…get well soon!!)


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  1. Great article, has some great info. Thanks.

  2. The first time I played Wii. . . I was sore for days after. I’ve been in physical therapy for several months now, with several more to go and I wish they’d incorporate some Wii.

    This is a very timely, techy post. Your Mom’s “name” is just classic, literally. One suggestion, maybe link to the article talking about Wii as therapy.

    Nice post.

  3. LOL!! As an avid Wii player (I’m THE guitar hero in my house, haha) I like the mention of how good Wii can be for people. My Grandmother (age 74) decided that she and my Grandfather (age 79) needed one. They don’t have a lot of range of motion or anything, but they do enjoy several games.

    Wishing your mom (I agree with BBM…fabulous moniker for her!!) a good recovery! :o)

  4. This is a great article. I wouldn’t have known about doctor’s recommending this if you hadn’t shared. I love how you put the article together. It’s really interesting.

  5. It makes complete sense that this would be great for physical therapy, but if it also gets kids moving… I’m all for it!

    Great article!
    All the best to Time-Worn Techie!

  6. We have Wii fit, Wii Guitar Hero, and Wii American Idol. We are wii-ly busy here…

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