Watch Your Back, Bill

I recently heard someone say they believed that the biggest reason Hillary Clinton was running for president was that she had something to prove to Bill.  I’m not necessarily a political person, so I really don’t have much opinion about that statement one way or another, but I do understand the underlying sentiment.

You see, R-T is the competitive sort.  He doesn’t generally enjoy losing. Whether it’s volleyball, H-O-R-S-E, Super Mario, Racko, or Trivial Pursuit, R-T gives it everything he’s got.  There is this special smile that comes over his face when he knows he has me.  I’ve come to hate that smile, because hard as it is to believe, I have a bit of the competitive spirit in me, as well.  Just a bit, mind you.

Anyway, I should have seen it coming.  There will always be the K-Feds and the Katie Holmes’s of the world scrambling to keep up with their super-celeb spouses. I mean Priscilla Presley is actually willing to go on “Dancing With The Stars” just to keep her name from disappearing into Graceland’s compost pile. So I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me that much when, last week, my very Resistant-Techie hubby announced that he was going to start a blog. 

Now blogging is my thing – – I took a class and everything, for cryin’ out loud! So if he thinks he can just march right up and start a blog out of thin air, then he is sadly mistaken.  But I wasn’t too worried.  Blogging requires some semblance of familiarity with technology, right?  Some knowledge of bits and bytes? 

Well, let me tell you  – – I have been hustled by my hubby (and its not as fun as it sounds).  Not only did he completely set up the blog by himself, he even uploaded his own picture, fine-tuned his options, and set up an RSS feed!!  Amazing what a person can do when he feels the demon envy creeping up behind him, eh?  All these years of setting up his Tivo favorites for him, downloading his iTunes for him, programming the DVD player for him – – for what??  So he could stab me in the back with my own mouse??   image

Oh, I’m onto you now, dearest R-T.  Guess who is going to be setting his own alarm clock tonight?  Not Topsy.  And when your screen freezes next time, and you can’t remember which three buttons you have to press to get it unstuck?  I’ll be busy checking my blog stats (to make sure they are higher than yours, of course).

And about that name – – Resistant Techie – – well, we’re just going to have to come up with something better now, aren’t we?  Come on my blog-followers…surely you can help me on this one?  What is a good name for a man who is Techie when he wants to be?  Please share your ideas in the comments section.  It is definitely time for a new epithet!


5 Responses

  1. TopsieTechy. You get better and better. And know, with Reisistant techie in the game… who knows where you’ll go.

  2. You should call him Et Tu Techie. Maybe Selective Techie (kind of like that selective hearing thing that men have…), but I definitely like Et Tu Techie better. 😉

  3. How about late blooming techie?

  4. Topsy, I warned you that something like this might happen before you married him!! It was something in his eyes and also, the educational path that he took!
    How on earth do you account for his exceptional ability to empathize with the hungry unless he has that “mean and hungry look” about him. I vote for et tu as well!!

  5. lol I’m here courtesy of guess who?…
    good to come and visit and to find out more about the techies…

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