Our Non-Topsy, Non-Techie Day

Yesterday was a tremendous day – – no getting around it.  A true keeper.  Uber got his cast off in the morning, and although the wrist is a tiny bit crooked, the doc feels it will continue to straighten back as he grows.  Homeschool went by as fast as a Jolie-Pitt adoption.  And best of all, it felt like spring outside!  The Techies were actually looking longingly past their screens and out their windows at pre-spring in all its glory.  HPIM1539e

So we decided to take a break from our keypads and head out into the great outdoors.  And the first thing I yearn to do when the frost begins to fade each year is to head out to “My Waterfall.”


  This little gem is only about a 25 minute drive from my front door, and it holds some very special memories for me.  My dad and I used to traipse up the winding trail several times a year as I was growing up. 


We would get to see the mountainous trek in all her finery – – dressed up in spring flowers, decked in diamonds of summer sunshine, and garbed in winter white.  Every season made my waterfall fit for the most lavish red carpet affair. 




HPIM1545e R-T proposed to me at this waterfall.  We had the place to ourselves that June day, and I know my face was beaming as brightly as the rays bouncing off the water.  What a start for a wonderful life with a wonderful man…and my waterfall got to be our silent witness.


When my dad passed away several years ago, I spread his ashes here, too.  I couldn’t imagine any better place to spend eternity than lying next to the rushing sound of mountain majesty. 

HPIM1547e So every time I visit, I know he is there, watching his grandkids bounce from rock to rock, laughing at how out of shape his daughter is as she struggles for breath up the last incline, beaming with pride at having his family “over to visit.” 

I wish I could tell him how glad I am to be there, too.  Especially on this, the most perfect pre-spring, Non-Topsy, Non-Techie day!


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  1. Stunningly beautiful! I should find me a place like that… And what a beautiful tribute to your dad.

  2. RG – I will share mine…come on and go with us next time! 🙂

  3. Wow, that looks like a great place to spend the day! And how wonderful to live so close to a place that holds such wonderful memories for you 😉

  4. That is so great Topsy! I think it’s beautiful that you have a place like that with so many fond memories and sentiment attached to it! Great photos!

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