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I’ve mentioned before that Uber goes to an online virtual school, called 3DLearn.  It is a revolutionary idea in education in that students attend via their “avatars”, who appear in the virtual world and can interact with the other students and teachers via their avatars.  The classes are all done online, and written work is uploaded to the teachers daily.  Much of their work, though, is done in the form of 3D Presentations that consist of pictures/text/video that the students create about their subject, and then they present it for their teachers and fellow students to see and comment on.  They also work together on certain projects creating things like interactive games based on the book they are studying, etc.  Needless to say, for a techie, this is school at its most ideal.  Uber adores it, and has made lots of friends at his school who are just as uber-techie as he is!

Anyway, I just wanted to show off a YouTube video presentation of Uber’s middle school.  He is in the video too, but you may not recognize him, because his avatar was having a bad hair day, and had broken out in zits all over his face after a chocolate binge.  (never mind, that was my middle school experience)

Check out how things have changed since you were in junior high…


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  1. I stumbled across your blog while looking for info about 3dLearn. I (though I would probably relate better to your tech-resistant husband) have a very techie-ish son in the 9th grade. He’s an average student getting an average education in an average school. It’s all just so very bland. He has no passion for school, but passion galore to all things technological. I’m looking to inspire him. This school seems right up his alley but I am looking for reviews from people (or more specifically their parents) who are actually enrolled. Could you tell me what you think of the school? Do you reccommend it? It’s strenthgs, weaknesses? Anything would help with this decision to withdraw him form school and start out in a new direction.

    Feel free to respond via e-mail if you’re able (or willing)

    Thanks, Cynthia

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