Streaming Video Slugs

So you may or may not have heard of Hulu, but if you haven’t, please feel free to come over and have H-T give you a masters course.  Hulu takes the available online television and movie content and puts in all in one easy-to-veg-out-for-eternity location.  And H-T is pretty certain it was created with him in mind.  Besides having lots of Simpsons episodes (his current guilty pleasure), Hulu has let him discover “quality” programming he never even knew existed.  Where else could he have found old episodes of the A-Team, The Incredible Hulk, and Battlestar Galactica, and chanced upon classic movies like Planet of the Apes and The People That Time Forgot – – all in one place??  They can’t call you a couch potato if you are actually in a computer chair, can they?  So what is the new term for people glued to their internet on-demand programming??  Streaming Video Slugs??

H-T has lost all interest in our satellite television programming.  I mean who has the patience to wait for a show until some big-wig at a television studio in Anaheim decides to air it according to his whim?  Not H-T.  He wants customized programming on his schedule.  In other words, what he wants, when he wants it.  (I blame all those Beverly Hills 90210 reruns I watched while I was pregnant with him, and on bed rest.  I knew those narcissistic snots where no good for such impressionable fetal ears!)

When I was his age I had this little 13″ black and white set in my room, and I actually had to get up from the bed and turn a knob each time I wanted to change channels.  And at that time, we only got 3 – – plus PBS if I stretched the rabbit ears all the way out and wrapped aluminum foil on both ends (But who wants to go to all that trouble for another Benny Hill episode??!!)  H-T gets visibly shaken when I describe the barbaric scenarios of TV watching in the Pre-Cambrian era of my youth.

I’ve tried to explain to H-T that there are a few downsides of this new era of entertainment on demand. He will never ever know the sense of accomplishment that comes from peeing, pouring yourself a Dr. Pepper, feeding the cat, and finishing off a crossword puzzle all before the end of a commercial break.  He will miss out on that giddy butterfly feeling that comes over your stomach when you know that thisis the night you will finally find out whether Luke accepted Lorelai’s proposal.

Yep, H-T and his generation will never know some of the joys of doing TV “old style.”  What if everyone could have known who shot J.R. just by heading to the computer and clicking a mouse?  Would it have had the same “oomph?”  I just don’t think so. But what do I know….I’m just a couch potato.


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  1. I, too, had the tiny television with 3 channels. Hubby never even had cable until he moved in with me (now he falls asleep clutching the remote). We tell stories to our son about the horrors of our childhood when the President came on (every station!) and we had to miss M*A*S*H*. Of course, having grown up with 157,000 channels at his disposal, this concept is as foreign to him as the days before indoor plumbing.

    And now you tell me that there’s a place he can go to watch everything “on demand.” As if his current obsession with bad 80’s TV (Macguyver, anyone?) and sci-fi anything wasn’t already alarming. Maybe I’ll just keep this info to myself… 😀

  2. FM- But I should’ve mentioned one upside of Hulu–now I can finally get versed on this “Firefly” show of which you rave…for free! Bout time, right??

  3. Topsy,
    That was one of the first things I noticed when I went onto the site. And yes, it’s about time that you come into the Browncoat fold (you’ll learn that term when you watch the show) MuWahHaHa!

    Star Wars fans pretend to be Jedi’s
    Star Trek fans pretend to be Klingons
    Firefly fans *are* Browncoats ;D

  4. It’s so funny you mention Hulu, I just recently found it. Very interesting. I didn’t have time to delve into any of the programs but was really intrigued. I only hope I find some of the shows I like.

    I had one of those 3 channel TVs when I was young(er)–it amazes me that now we watch our shows in a fast forward mode thanks to that old DVR—we don’t watch commercials anymore.

  5. Here’s a media-history question from the old days of television from when we had black and white and knobs to change channels with. What was the last television program to regularly get over 50% of the TV viewing audience? Here’s a hint: the first color TV that my dad bought was so we could watch this together on Monday nights.

    Obviously, with our hundreds of channels today, it’s unlikely that any program will ever get over 50% of the audience on one channel again. And I’m not talking about an event (ie superbowl, Olympics). It was a regular weekly show. I used to watch it.

  6. BB@50–You’ve got me there…I haven’t even a clue! Do tell….

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