Double the Blogging Means Double The Fun

As some of you know, this blog is the result of a blog writing course I took called “Black Belt Blogging.”  It was an amazing experience, and I met some terrific new bloggers, many of whom are still on my blogroll!  The class was a transformational time for me, because it opened up my eyes to the inspirational world of blogging, which has let me have fun and express myself in ways I had forgotten I could. Black Belt Mama made for an incredible guide and teacher, because in my opinion, she has one of the most enjoyable blogs in the webiverse.  Please drop by and check out her site if you get a chance…but wait till you have a few minutes, because her blog will draw you in and pull you deep into the archives before you will be able to click away. 

That online blog writing course, however, is getting a new name, and a facelift, and is sporting a new free introductory blogging course in addition to the full subscription-based course that I took.  I highly recommend either to anyone who wants to start a blog or build a better one that will draw in readers.  I’ve agreed to contribute to the new blog promoting the course, and I hope you’ll stop by and check out the latest addition to my blogging resume. Who knew that I, the gal that barely knew anything about blogs six months ago, would now be blogging about blogging??!! 

Hey, I’ll use any excuse to stay tethered to my laptop a few more minutes…



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  1. I never knew there was such a thing as a course in blog writing. What do you learn there?

  2. Meander – – thanks for coming by! I checked out your blog, and I think I sense a kindred spirit! A writer who finds catharsis in writing—yep, that would be me, too. About the Blogging class – – the free course is basically an introduction to Blogging, and the subscription based course is a teacher led course that really delves deeply into how to write a blog that others will WANT to read–you will study good blogs, and what makes them good and bad blogs, and what makes them stink. And you will learn not only about blog building, but blog promotion, and how to build your readership. It really is a terrific course, and I highly recommend it! Great to meet you!

  3. topsy I love what you have done with your blog so far and what you are doing now at BBB– you are so good at putting humor into each and every post. As a fellow student of BBB I can attest to all that you said about the course. If it wasn’t for that course I would not be blogging today.

    I have been working on a post that addresses how I learned how to blog because so many people ask and I was going to link back to BBM, I will also link back to this post. I think it helps those trying to blog if they see the results of those who have taken the course.

    Like you, I wouldn’t be here (in the blog world) today if it wasn’t for BBM and her course.

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