I Hear Welding Pays Decently, Kids

My loyal readers know I am big on confessions…so I have another one to make.  When I saw the video below, I seriously started wondering just how badly our boys need that college fund of theirs.  I know I should feel guilty for even having the thought flit across my little techie brain – – but flit it did – – more than once.  This thing just gives me goose bumps.  Literal goose bumps.  And to my credit, when I picture myself with one of these babies, I am always using it for good and not evil. 

You think the money I save driving my Th!nk-mobile might pony up enough cash for my new tabletop love affair ? ?  If not, then I’m afraid the boys are just gonna have to pick a trade. 


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  1. Is it bad to lust after inanimate objects? Is there a syndrome for that? And a support group? ‘Cause I am THERE.

  2. Networking pays well too, no college needed, just a certificate, 6 months of self-done “schooling” of 3-6 hours a day!
    about $6000 in the end, with a base pay of $40k a yr!(thats you level one cert!)

  3. No more mice, I’m such a looser.

    I know I happened in on a geek blog but I couldn’t help but think of “The Story Of Stuff” and “perceived obsolescence.”

  4. sunniemom- thanks for stopping by! Truth is there WAS a support group, but it fizzled out because no one would leave their inanimate objects long enough to actually meet with people! 😉

    Kimi-I might just do it myself then – – does it involve using a tabletop computer??

    Owen — welcome to the imperfect life of a financially-challenged techie. While my hubby waxes eloquently about the state of those who are impoverished because of his stance on social justice, I am not always so virtuous. I would be more likely to make sure everyone had Iphones before they all had clean clothes and a place to sleep. That’s why he is in charge of the homeless shelter, and I am only good for making humor blogs about my love of all things shiny and flashing.

  5. Peace to you and your hubby, who answered very nicely for himself over at his blog 🙂 In fact he says you are the more compassionate one when it comes to the homeless. 🙂 Thanks for understanding my question as a genuine one and not a bad booger commenter 😉

  6. I’m not much of a techie, but even *I* have to admit that it would be pretty cool to have!

    Threatening to drain the kids’ college funds? What *will* you do to get your techie fix?? I’m now picturing you standing on a street corner somewhere (in a non-prostitute way, obviously!)with a cardboard sign reading “Will work for new tech toys” 😀

    Or would it be more accurate to picture your kids with signs reading “Will work to get my MOM new tech toys” ??

  7. that does look pretty cool – I know if I had one I would adore it, but might just make friends with someone who has one I can borrow!

  8. FM – My sign will actually read: will blog for new tech toys…working is so 1990’s

    Katie – Your friends are my friends….;-)

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