Friday’s Hardwired Homeschool Hints: Summer Reading

How about some techie-goodness for Fridays this summer?  Check back here each week for a dose of “Hardwired Homeschool Hints” to get you through till homeschool commences again this Fall….

This week’s theme – – Summer Reading Sites and Tools

I hope you will take an afternoon and drop by your local library to see if they have a summer reading program you and your kids can sign up for.  Many libraries have wonderful clubs, activities, and even prizes for kids who get involved.  There just isn’t anything more “summery” than stretching out in the backyard hammock for an hour or so with a good book.  But for rainy days (check out my wishful thinking there – – we are in quite a drought here in my neck of the woods!) or when the kids are looking for something a little more visually interactive, there are some incredible websites that will inspire even the most reluctant reader to get excited about summer lit.

  • Lookybook – this website is brand new and still in Beta form, but it is chock full of reading goodness.  If your kids love picture books, then let them have their book and read it too at this incredible site that lets kids view the entire books from cover to cover just by clicking their mouse!
  • Book Adventure – if the Library Summer Reading program isn’t enough of an incentive to read, how about a motivational program that lets parents put in their own rewards – – such as a trip to the local arcade for taking quizzes on books they read.  There are also book suggestions based on your reading interests, as well as online prizes for their efforts.
  • No Flying, No Tights – If you have a preteen or teen in your house, then you probably have more than a couple graphic novels lying around your coffee table.  This website is the all-graphic-novel-all-the-time hub for everything to do with those adolescent reading faves.
  • Family Education Reading List – before you head to the library to pick out your next book, you might want to check out this expansive list of great books by age and grade.
  • MightyBook – subscription based site where children get over 500 stories, games, music, puzzles, etc. to increase reading skills
  • Big Universe Book Creator – So what if you and your kids are feeling really creative and want to create your own picture book.  Big Universe offers the software to make and share your very own e-book creation!

These suggestions are just a few of the incredibly motivational reading websites out there…I hope you have some super techie-fun checking them out this summer!  Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Yay! Even more incentive to come by your blog (Not that your brilliant writing isn’t enough. Really. I swear!) We were just in the library today and forgot, again, to sign up for the reading program. They have it for adults, too, and besides the little goodies that they’re giving to evreryone who reads this summer, the grand prize for the adults is a weekend getaway at the coast. Cody wants the kids grand prize – a trip to Disneyland! Ahhh, we could use a vacation ;D

    That Family Education Reading List is going to be perfect for our homeschool bookgroup! Now when they ask for suggestions (the kids choose a genre to read from, as opposed to all reading the same book) I’ll just direct them to this site!

    Thanks Topsy!

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