Blog Deficit Disorder

It was bound to happen, I suppose.  My personal struggles with ADD seem to creep into every nook and cranny of my life eventually.  So, it was inevitable that it would start affecting my blogging, as well.  A few weeks ago, I started another blog on our local newspaper website.  It is all about homeschooling in our county, and the resources available to us.  I throw in some blatant techiness here and there, too, of course.

But what I didn’t realize is that I was edging over a very slippery slope.  I have two work related blogs I write, Vocabulary Is Fun, and Blog Writing Course.  Then of course there is good ole Topsy-Techie, here.  So who knew that starting on one more blog was going to affect me so deeply?  But it does!

j0439350 Now I find myself daydreaming about other blogs – – other subjects that I want to squeeze the living words out of.  I can convince myself in a matter of two seconds that blogging about streaming television, cooking with a food processor, or writing fan fiction would be so much fun.  Do you think there is some kind of blogging time calculator widget out there that would help me figure out how to write ten different blogs and still have time to water the houseplants? 

I find myself quite perturbed at the notion that successful blogs have a theme.  It would be so much more ME to write in my overwrought brain’s natural stream of consciousness format.  Then, I wouldn’t need to write 10 different blogs to satisfy my attention deficit issues – – just one blog that would let me post whatever the heck, random, passing subject happened to cross my brain at that moment.  For instance, tonight, I would write about coal.  H-T found several different coal deposits in my mom’s backyard today, and it is all he can talk about.  He wants to know how it burns, what is has been used for in the past, and what craft you could make with it.  So, I have coal on the brain.  Now, I know that you, my loyal TT readers could probably care less about coal at this moment, so I won’t bore you, but doggone it, I wanna write about coal!!!

So you see, I have issues.  Issues that Ritalin can’t touch.  Issues that can only be addressed in the comfortable confines of my therapist’s office.  Oooh…I’ve always wanted to write a blog about therapy…….


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  1. Tell him that if you give a piglet a small amount of coal each day that his tail will curl.

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