Summer TV – – It’s All About The Timing

They say that what people lack in brains, they can make up for in good timing. I’m feeling pretty darn compensated right now, as I look over the summer TV schedule, and feel not one twinge of remorse for dropping our satellite subscription at the end of May.

I think I have mentioned before that I am a true enemy of just about every reality show on the planet – – with the denise richards exception of American Idol (ever since I saw that promo by President and Mrs. Bush, and figured if AI was a big enough deal to take our country’s leader away from wars and the like on Tuesday nights, then I’d better get on the bandwagon). And the summer TV schedule seems jam-packed with reality fare. Admittedly, I’m writing without personal knowledge or experience about shows with titles such as: The Mole, Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, and Celebrity Circus.

So, perhaps you can set me straight in the comments section if you have found one of these to be actually Emmy-worthy, or at least not conducive to mocking. But I am feeling rather like whoever was dating Tom Cruise pre-Katie Holmes…WHEW!!! Did I get out of THAT just in time!!!

Keep in mind, though, that a lack of subscription television hasn’t kept me completely out of the broadcast loop. Already this summer, I have caught up with the first season of Big Love, and Friday Night Lights, and I’m working on the second. I’ve fallen hard for those pigskin-lovin’ freaks in Dillon, TX. I’m even keeping up with my one summer guilty pleasure…the sports-themed sitcom “My Boys” on TBS. Thankfully, the good folks at Turner are kind enough to supply the full eps on their website…allowing me to enjoy the poor acting and silly plot lines for no money down.

The only downside I have discovered so far to watching episodes online is the repetition of the commercials. NBC’s video site, for instance, insists on playing the same exact commericial – – twice – – during every break. By the end of the show I have not only memorized the script, but have started to say the lines along with the actors. Unfortunately for the advertisers, I have also usually vowed never to buy the featured product because by the time you’ve said, “Bertolli, the restaurant experience you experience at home” for the eighth time in your head, it just becomes annoying. But other than having to have the Nissan theme song professionally hypnotized from my brain, I’m thinking this is pretty smooth sailing so far…at least until fall premiere season. And have you heard??? NBC is planning on streaming coverage for the entire season of the 2008 Olympics online!!! I am over the moon about that one.

But don’t go hating on me now, just because of my good timing…remember that I am probably compensating for something.


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  1. I can’t offer support for *any* reality show – not even AI. In fact, the only shows that we watch during the summer come on non-network channels. Deadliest Catch (Discovery), Eureka (Sci-Fi), 30 Days (FX), The Closer (TNT), Burn Notice, Psych, and Monk (USA). That’s it, that’s all we watch. To be honest, though, there’s *very* little network programming that we watch anymore. I recently saw an interview with Morgan Spurlock (he’s the guy that made the movie Super Size Me and does the TV show 30 Days), and he said when he pitched the show to the major networks he was repeatedly told that the show was “too smart”. I guess that says a lot about the general intelligence level of the American public ;D

  2. “too smart” – – yep, that’s what they told me about my pitch for a show about the topsy-techie lives of a homeschooling family. I just took my ball and bat and went home! Hmph!

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