You Shouldn’t Mess With Mother Nature

If I understand it correctly, the whole point of being a “techie” is to get out of manual labor.  Isn’t it genetically programmed that we are the weaker species…with wimpy muscles and spindly limbs?? Call it a stereotype if you want, but I like the fact that people don’t generally look to me when they need help moving their marble staircase over a few inches.  And no one ever comes to me with advice on why their car is making a “sproinging” noise, or for tips on hanging wallpaper.  My knowledge tends to extend in more of a visionary direction (read: has absolutely no common sense).

Anyway, someone forgot to tell my mother about my techie status.  Because yesterday, when she needed a pick-up bed full of gravel shoveled out into a pile in her yard, she actually called ME.  So, good daughter that I am, I strapped on my back brace (did I mention I have wimpy muscles?) and went to work.  Well, technically, WE went to work, because H-T was all over a chance to work with a shovel, and rocks, on the back of a pick-up. Yes, I’m having DNA tests administered Monday, because I’m pretty sure there was some sort of hospital switch-up when he was born.

So Timeworn-Techie, H-T, and myself grunted, groaned, and shoveled an entire pick-up truck worth of gravel over the course of yesterday morning.  You might be asking yourself why my mom didn’t just have the stuff delivered and dumped.  All I can say is that there is no DNA testing required in my case…lack of common sense tends to be a dominant trait.  In fact, just to prove it…my mom is picking up yet another truckload of rocks today!

nowork When I got out of bed this a.m., and realized that despite my back brace yesterday, some of those rocks had somehow worked their way between the discs of my back, I came to a conclusion.  Some of us simply aren’t meant to wield tools such as shovels, rakes, or even work gloves.  Whether or not you subscribe to the idea of intelligent design, you simply can’t deny that certain percentages of the human population seem perfectly suited for getting things accomplished in the world, and other – – say, techie – – percentages are better matched for somewhat lighter tasks, such as keeping Microsoft in business.  It’s just the way of the universe, people.  I didn’t make up the rules, I just follow them.  Now if I can just get my mom, who is waiting outside in the pick-up truck full of load #2, to understand this concept….


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  1. I’ve found that the older I get, the worse I feel after doing that kind of stuff. I was just getting into gardening when I decided my back couldn’t take it! But, I’ve found that vicodin is my friend (I’m allergic to ibuprofen, darnitall)!

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