Postscript After Primetime

Ok, so if arranged marriages were still in vogue today, I would have four terrific choices for my 14-year-old!!  Those were four incredibly beautiful girls profiled on Primetime Live tonight – – body, spirit and soul all equally beautiful.  And “resilience”, as the doctor put it, doesn’t even begin to describe the inner quality which describes the gusto with which these lovely girls approach their lives.  I was in awe.  What an uplifting time we had as a family as we watched.  We recognized every emotion (and many of the tics) represented during the hour, and we have experienced the very same roller coaster both as parents of a kiddo with TS, and as a young man dealing with the syndrome.  I had to give my son a huge hug when the program was over, and remind him how incredibly proud of him we are for being so “resilient”, so unique, and so him. We are blessed beyond measure to not only just know someone with such a shining spirit, but to get to spend all our days and night with him.  Blessed beyond measure. 

And the world is a better place because he, and all the other people dealing with Tourette Syndrome, are out there to daily remind us what it means to live life without limits.

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  1. I have only just returned and read this – I would have watched if I had seen your post and had I been able to view over here. however we did see a wonderful programme on Tourette syndrome and young people a while back which has stayed with me and also helped Rob who teaches secondary school kids, when children who have it are in his class .

  2. Katie,

    Thanks for your comment! There is a wonderful DVD that I often recommend to people – – it even includes a guide in it for teachers – – it is called “I Have Tourettes, But Tourettes Doesn’t Have Me”…it is a wonderful resource, and a wonderful tribute to kids with TS.

  3. thanks for that – i will mention it to him – I think it would be a valuable resource for the school generally too.
    I actually think the staff and the students were surprised at how the children with Tourette syndrome just kind of fitted in and although they were aware of it it hasn’t been as big a deal for anyone as they had perhaps perceived it to be beforehand….if that makes sense.

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