The Honeymoon is Over

It’s nothing new.  I’m sure we aren’t the only marriage it has happened to.  But all that doesn’t bring me much comfort, under the circumstances.  I just didn’t think it would happen this soon.  How could he tire so quickly?  It just doesn’t make sense.  

I’m referring, of course, to R-T and his new computer.  The Vista newness has worn off, and he is back to sneaking around using my laptop.  The whole purpose of getting him his own computer for his birthday, is that my laptop would finally be “all mine.”  But if I leave the house to run an errand, or – – god forbid – – go into the kitchen to fix supper, I can pretty much guarantee that my gool ole’ Toshiba will have found its way into dear hubby’s lap.

desktopI’m feeling pretty stupid, right about now.  I missed all the signs.  The unique way R-T had of lying in bed, with the  laptop propped up on his stomach, with that look of complete peace and satisfaction on his face.  The way he would always lovingly place it on the dresser, out of reach of any danger, whenever he wasn’t using it.  The careful habit he had of wrapping up the AC cord, and putting it next to the outlet.  The clues were all around me, I just chose not to see them.  R-T is a laptop man.

That got me thinking.  In the laptop vs desktop controversy, what creates our personal preference?  I definitely used to be a desktop gal.  I loved having my research books, and physical files all around me as I worked.  Oh, how things have changed.  I do almost all my research online now, and keep pretty much all my data in digital form.  So a laptop, for me, is ideal, because I can work anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection, and an outlet (my battery isn’t what it used to be!)

What is it that makes us desktop or laptop users?  What about you?  What do you prefer, and why?  I need some input here, folks, because this one has really got me curious?  What is it about a laptop that would get my hubby bored with his state-of-the-art Vista desktop in under two months??  This is one psychological quandry that has me stumped!  So please comment below, and give me your two cents on the issue…

Oh, and if anyone wants to trade their laptop for our brand new desktop, I’m entertaining offers…..

It was good while it lasted.

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  1. See we have our desk top which I use for all things that might need printing or saving..and serious work because that takes me away from the family and into work mode and I have space all around me. Oh and we have e mail on that.
    Our other computer is this beautiful handsome tactile smooth and sexy macbook which I love…
    I would happily do all my work on it but need to learn more about it. It’s quicker and easier and makes me feel good using it. Oh my – I’m not even a techie type and it sounds like I should belong to macbook anonymous!
    We have got an office programme on it so maybe it will take over from my desktop – this was supposed to be for Rob’s art work and my photos and writing but has ended up being my blogging place.
    I’m not sure how to connect to wifi anywhere else but here..but I love the idea of being mobile with my laptop.
    It’s more sociable and makes me feel less guilty about spending time online

  2. Well, , , let me think. . . It could, of course, be Windows Vista, becuase truthfully, it is a pain in the you-know-where, but I think the real answer was in your describing the pleasure of his lying in bed, with the laptop on the tummy. You have to get UP to get to a desktop!!!

  3. Katie – I’m for anything that makes you feel less guilty! Long live the laptop!

    Mom – I was hoping to get my readers to look PAST the obvious, and dig a little deeper into the psychological impact of desktop vs laptop! Geez! 😉

  4. For me it’s the portability. I *love* the fact that I can work on the computer in any room of the house. That way, when my guys are playing X-Box…again…I can grab the laptop and flee to another room. 😀

  5. It is definitely the portability factor for me, too. Although constantly having to find the laptop charger cord is a real drag! When will they come up with wireless power cords??!!

  6. Topsy – I have a little laptop (4 years old, a battery life of about 2 minutes. And it’s the 2nd one) that I use when I’m out and about. I have a full desktop setup both at home and the office.

    I tend to use the laptop a lot at home. I try to work in the evenings in the kitchen where everybody tends to congregate or in the kids nook (we have it set up so the kids don’t use their computers in their bedrooms – there is a hallway nook where they each have a desk. I tend to crowd in there too so we can all work together.

    I often wonder whats the point anymore of the big desktop machines. But I try to store everything on my email system or google docs so that I can find it where-ever I am. Nice theory, it’s a losing battle…..

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