Friday’s Hardwired Homeschool Hints: National Parks & Historic Sites

I am a big – – did I say big? – –  I meant GIANT supporter of National Parks and Historic Sites.  I believe strongly in preserving as much of our natural beauty and heritage as is humanly possible.  One of my bigger goals in life is visiting each of the National Parks within the United States, and let me tell you…I’ve got very few under my belt currently, so I hope I better have inherited some of my grandparents longevity genes if I’m going to make it! 

In the meantime, however, there are plenty of ways to visit some of these terrific places “virtually.”  Many of the below sites are really educational, and some even include lesson plans and ideas for integrating the information into your curriculum.  So take a few minutes and take a virtual National Park field trip.  And if you have gotten to take a spectacular in-person visit to one of our National Parks or Historic Sites, I would LOVE to live vicariously through you…so post about it in the comments section, please!

  • National Park Service Educational Page – large collection of resources for teachers and students
  • USGS Virtual Tours – Tour the National Parks in 3D without leaving home!
  • Virtual Parks – incredible interactive photography of our National Parks
  • What Do Rangers Do? – information on Acadia Park Rangers and their jobs
  • NPS: Junior Ranger Program – a guide to the National Parks Junior Ranger program, including curriculum for teachers
  • NPS Yellowstone Kids Page – games and explorations about Yellowstone National Park
  • Ecotourism in National Parks – lesson plan and activities about eco-friendly use of National Parks
  • Great American Landmarks Adventure – a trip through time and space to visit our national landmarks
  • Teaching With Historic Places – integrating our National Historic Sites into the curriculum
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