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So I’ve been getting a little “edgy” lately.  Edgy might be a slight understatement.  There have been some extended family stressors and internal stressors and I’ve been feeling the heat, so to speak.  So R-T, best hubby in the world that he is, suggested that he take a day off work, and that I have a “Me” Day.  A “no worries” day.  A “footloose and fancy free” day.  Well, you know I didn’t turn him down.  So…welcome to my Photo Blog of “Topsy Gone Wild.” 

If you just knew how funny that was, you’d be seriously wiping away tears right now…

My  single most favorite day trip has always been to Black Mountain, NC.  Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this is one of those wonderful Mayberry type places, with some beautiful landscapes, mountains, and shopping thrown in.  Nearby is the town of Montreat, and the Montreat Conference Center – – another of my all-time favorite stop-overs.  I truly adore this neck of the woods. 

So, yesterday morning…I headed out on my all-by-myself adventure!

Check out my new short do !

Check out my new short "do" !

All went pretty well on the trip, except for missing one turn-off because I was singing along with Prince at the top of my lungs when Purple Rain happened to come on the radio.  They should really schedule those 80’s songs not to coincide with my important turn-offs.
Finally, Black Mountain starts to come into view:
Making pics as you drive...do not try this at home, kids

Making pics as you drive...do not try this at home, kids

My first stop was the Black Mountain visitors center…not because I needed it, but because I absolutely love this oversized rocking chair.  Unfortunately nobody was around to take my “Edith-Ann” style photo (Saturday night Live, folks…am I that old??!!)
From there, it was onto one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever hoped to be…Lake Tomahawk.  I could walk around this thing for hours, because every side has its own spectacular view.  Here are a couple…
There is also wildlife all around the lake including ducks and geese galore…
Sleeping duckies...too cute!

Sleeping duckies...too cute!

It was seriously butterfly day at Lake Tomahawk.  I got pinged by about 40 of them as they were going about their busy day…
Check out this group of flutter-bys!

Check out this group of flutter-bys!

After leaving Lake Tomahawk, it was on to Montreat Conference and Retreat Center.  And what a retreat it is!!  Just heading into it, you know you are going somewhere special…
I adore their 10,000 Villages store, where every item is made by someone in a developing country, and uses a self-sufficiency marketplace schemata to help their village through their craftmanship.  Talk about Christmas presents for everyone!  They also have one of my favorite bookstores.  And I walked out of there with a new favorite – – a book called “Eternal Echoes” about Celtic Spirituality.  Awesome!  Before I left, I headed over to the Chapel of the Prodigal, because I had never gone in and seen their famous Fresco of the “Parable of the Prodigal”.  I had the chapel to myself, and I was so psyched to take it all in!
Chapel of the Prodigal, Montreat, NC

Chapel of the Prodigal, Montreat, NC

Wish this pic weren't so dark.  This fresco was incredible!

Wish this pic weren't so dark. This fresco was incredible!

Then it was off to lunch – – all by my lonesome.  I am a huge fan of “retro” motifs, so I picked a little restaurant called “Peppers” that boasts to having the largest collection of Dr. Pepper memorobilia in the world.  Don’t know if that is the truth, but their veggie pitas and split pea soup were worth coming in for!
View from my table

View from my table

After lunch there was more shopping.  I went to bunches of stores, and ended up with just one little thing…a canister of Caramel Decaf Coffee.  Yes, shopping with me can be futile.  Sigh.
After getting my java-fix, it was time for the creme-de-la-creme, my massage at the local Spa! 
Yes, this was every bit as wonderful as it looks.  60 minutes of heaven on earth!

Yes, this was every bit as wonderful as it looks. 60 minutes of heaven on earth!

My day was starting to wind down, but I wasn’t.  I had enough energy to drive 30 minutes south to Marion, NC to visit my grandmother, who is almost 98 years old, by the way.  My Nana is one tough lady!  Then after my visit, it was time for some supper, so I stopped back by Black Mountain on my way home for a late evening dinner at Berliner Kindl, a German restaurant with the absolute best food.  Didn’t have time for a picture here, but if you could have seen my plate of keilbase, german potato salad, and homemade kraut, you would have SO been drooling right now.  Oh, and I shouldn’t forget the Chocolate Mousse Torte.  Go ahead, feel jealous.  It won’t faze me a bit.
I rolled back to the Topsy-Techie household about 9:00 last night, happy, stress-free, and thrilled to be back with all my guys.  But check out my return pic…do I look younger, or is it just me??  (Correct answers will be compensated accordingly)
What a terrifically Footloose and Fancy Free day!  Thanks for sharing my photo blog with me!

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  1. What a fun day! Wish I could have gone with you (though that would have spoiled the whole “day to myself thing”, huh?) On the flip-side, I could have taken your Edith Ann shot (love, love, love Edith Ann!)

    Great new ‘do, BTW! And yes, you *do* look younger in the last photo, by *at least* 10 years (deposits can be made to my Paypal account *snort*).

    And can I just say that I’m in awe of the fact that you not only remembered to bring your camera with you, but you managed to take photos of everything! If it were me, I would have pulled into the drive and thought “Awww, man! I should have brought my camera.”

  2. You deserved every minute of your day. You are a very special person.

  3. FM – I would have been honored to have had you along…although that massage table might have gotten a little crowded! Next time I need my Edith Ann pic, you will be the first person I fly across country!

    Elizabeth – Gee whillakers…thanks!!! What a terrific compliment from a terrific lady!

  4. Days like these are in one word…Fabulous! Let the purple rain fall all over the Topsie Gone Wild! Let’s hear it for singing and missing exits, turns, red lights (oops, not those). You were SO enjoying your moments. You look like you feel 18 again. Wanna go shopping for mini-skirts and scream/sing at a R. Marx concert??? (remember)

  5. Holley,
    I was just looking at the pics from that concert the other day! Didn’t we feel so “rebellious”??!! Check this link out for a high school flashback: http://www.richardmarx.com/content/jukebox.php
    Just don’t search the net for current pics of our beloved Richard. It will bring on panic attacks at the possibility that we might be all – – gasp – – aging a bit!

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