Friday’s Hardwired Homeschool Hints: Music

In my head, there is a continual soundtrack to my life.  I feel that I may be the world’s most eclectic music lover, music because I have found very few genres of music that I don’t enjoy.  Thank goodness I have yet to be able to afford one of those Satellite Music Subscriptions or I fear my ears would fall off.  And, just as a warning for those of you who might bump into me in person from time to time, I am also one of those annoying people who hums under their breath when a radio is not available.  So please indulge me today, as I share some of my favorite techie music resources.  If you make use of even one of these, I will feel like the Magical Music Fairy who spread her joy and cadence far and wide….enjoy!

  • MozartMath – Because my guys are up there in grades now, I don’t have any personal experience with this one, but I LOVE the concept.  Combining music theory, music appreciation and math??!! Genius!  This preschool curriculum includes lesson plans, curriculum tools, CD, and can be used as a supplemental or stand-alone program.
  • Super Duper Music Looper – Available as shareware or a free download, this program is “super duper” for introducing 6-10 year olds to the fundamentals behind music creation. There is absolutely no limit to the creativity kids can express with this program.  Warning:  educational but addictive!!
  • SFS Kids – Fun With Music – Online music lab and destination for learning all about music (elementary ages)
  • BBC’s Music Sense – Interactive multimedia introduction to the different elements of music
  • Thinkquest: Music History – Online journey of the history of music from Medieval Times to the present
  • Children’s Songs and Nursery Rhymes – Worldwide journey through songs and rhymes of all the world’s cultures and peoples
  • Musical Mysteries – As students work their way through the site, they gain valuable listening, composing and musical interpretation skills; also includes cross-curricular resources
  • Virtual Orchestra – Interactive exploration of the different musical instruments in an orchestra
  • The Music Room – Large collection of songs for teaching most every subject across the curriculum.  Great for kids who learn by hearing!
  • – Terrific site for online practice of all the aspects of musical theory
  • Music Sheaf – Printable paper for most any type of music composition for your junior composer
  • The Songwriting Game – Writing music with chords
  • Classics For Kids – Fun time machine activity that takes you through the different classical composers and introduces you to some of their famous works
  • Online Practice Record – Helps each of the musicians in your household keep track of their daily practice
  • Animusic – groundbreaking visual extravaganza of musical computer animation; you just have to check it out to understand what this program is all about…your kids will be spellbound, and so will you!
  • Connect With Music – Middle school lesson plans for integrating music into the classroom
  • Schoolhouse Rock – Yes, I’m showing my age here, but I grew up on these, and my kids have always adored them too…great site!

Well folks, I’m afraid that my head is playing that all-time favorite Sound of Music ditty: “So Long, Farewell.”  That means time for me to wrap things up here and hum my way through the rest of the morning.  Have a magical, musical day!


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  1. Tpsy, Great list.

    And what about learning science with songs? You aren’t forgetting the science songs, are you?

    We’ve animated the hurricane and sun song so far. We’re planning on the Song of the Rocks next.

  2. How could I possibly forget the science songs?? No list would be complete without them! Thanks for the reminder!!

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