Late to the party as usual…but OH! Mamma Mia!!

Yes, it was finally my chance to see the beautiful spectacle for the senses that is ‘Mamma Mia’ tonight.  Oh, you guys, I am reeling.  It was that incredible!!  I downloaded the soundtrack within 15.5 seconds of walking through my front door and snapping open my laptop.  I think I might’ve mentioned once or forty times that I am a bit of a music freak.  So, where, dear ABBA, have you been all my life??!! 

There are very few genres or eras of music that don’t show up on my “faves” list, but sadly, not too many tunes from the ‘Me Decade’ tend to be scattered across that list.  After tonight, I’m afraid I may have given 70’s music just a bit of a bad rap.  Granted, the songs were given a little bit of an update, but still…these were beautiful, meaningful, fun, danceable notes and lyrics.  I had forgotten how many of Abba’s  70’s songs (gulp!) I had sung along to over the last thirty years…Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen, SOS, Take A Chance on Me, I Have A Dream.  So, I humbly repent of my previous down-the-nose treatment I have given to the decade of music previously associated with disco, early punk, and Funk.  There is redemption in ABBA, Bob Marley, a little Bowie, AC/DC, Springsteen, and others.  I repent, yes, I repent.

greece Yet another side effect of seeing the triumph that is ‘Mamma Mia’?  I now desperately want to live in the Greek Isles.  Beaches. Coastal caves. History. Archaeology.  Picture postcard beauty.  Why are you still sitting there, people???  Don’t you feel those breezes from the olive groves beckoning?  Get off your tushies and join me on my Greek pilgrimage.  I vow to get there with or without you, so you might as well put the laundry down and come along, yes?

I had been a little disappointed with the movie offerings of the summer…some of which I had been really looking forward to (cough- X-Files – cough), but 2008 will now go down as the summer I was lucky enough to get to see Mamma Mia.  It was that good.  This has been a lucky week for musical-lovers, such as yours truly.  This past Friday a group of folks at my church got the privilege to see ‘All Shook Up’, a fun romp through many of Elvis’ greatest hits, at the local playhouse.  It was truly entertaining, but pales in comparison to the smile that is emblazoned across my jaw tonight.

If you love, hate, or are indifferent to musicals, (wait…no one is really indifferent to musicals, are they? I just can’t live in a world where people are indifferent to musicals, so don’t tell me if you are, pretty please…) you still must go see Mamma Mia.  You simply must.  But be prepared to lay down a chunk of change afterward for that ticket to Greece.  You’ll see…oh you’ll see….


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  1. Now, don’t make me feel badly because I STILL HAVEN’T SEEN IT.
    And with your review, now I’m jumping out of my seat! I wanna go!

  2. Oh it was SOOOO good wasn’t it!

    I couldn’t believe the color of the water it was remarkable!

  3. this is one of the only plays i’ve ever seen, which ended up being great… it’s funny to think of ol’ Pierce taking a stab at singing, yeeesh

  4. Ann – – hope it is on your weekend to-do list! (And hey, how bout taking me along, cause I wanna see it again!!!

    TM – The water…don’t remember…did it match Pierce Brosnan’s eyes??

    MB – He actually wasn’t too bad – – different and interesting voice

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