Hackin’ When Your Back is Lackin’

Yeah, I’m a songwriter at heart.  Have your people call my people, Gwen Stefani…I’ve got lots more where that came from… 

But I seriously am down with my back.  Not an unusual thing for me, because my back was absent the day muscle tone was handed out. Annoyingly, though, it has become entirely too common of late, and I would have already cashed in on the warranty on the stupid thing, if it hadn’t run out last Tuesday, along with the one on my bum knee.  Wouldn’t ya know?

Anyway, I’m coddling and babying it like Gwen does Kingston (yes, she named her child after the capital of Jamaica, but Jamaica’s sister city is Kalamazoo, so I’m thinking the kid got off lucky!) because it is only nine days until my jaunt with Uber to Vegas, and I want that thing in tip-top shape before I see Tom and Wayne.  How uncool is it to be jumping up and down trying to get your underwear off to throw on stage, and all the time you are holding your back??!!  In the case of the demographic of those who still go to see Tom and Wayne, I guess it might not be all that unusual, though.

As those of you who have read this blog for any length of time know, when I am down and out, I tend to get drawn in by new online “hobbies.”  Remember my jaunt into MySpace during a chest crud episode?? Or last month’s bout with intestinal flu, when I ended up outing myself to the blogosphere at large??  Well, this time, I have been learning how to become a hack…well, not the illegal kind (which of course would make a much more interesting post, but might jeopardize my chance to throw undies at Tom and Wayne) but the social networking kind…as in “Homeschool Hacks.”

This is SO my new favorite website at the moment, because it is where all the cool weird homeschoolers like myself are hangin’.  And yes, it is a social networking site, so you have all the  Facebook/MySpace features like adding friends.  Goodness knows, we homeschoolers need SOME way to feel like we have a posse of likeminded fringers.  So far, I’ve met some incredible homeschool hackers (also called homeschooling hotties – – did I mention I love this site??)

  • There is Tina at Send Chocolate, who is homeschooling two kids with high functioning autism, a teenager, and a couple of schizophrenic cats
  • Anissa, from down in Louisiana (that’s just fun to say).  You can grab her cute little bee butt over at Home Where They Belong …oh, and turn up your volume cause she’s got a killer playlist
  • Can’t forget Michelle who I would be friends with just because of her Avatar pic!  This libertarian from California is bloggin over at Pumpkinshellz Patch
  • Beautiful Karla is Looking Towards Heaven (and in my opinion, heaven is looking toward her as well, OH that gorgeous face!)  This is one fun blog that I am thrilled to have added to my roll!
  • And of course, I couldn’t forget Christine, who I have bragged on here about before…that lady could blog about cabbage and I would read it and beg for more!  Go visit her immediately at Welcome to My Brain! That’s an order!

And these are only a FEW of the over 100 homeschooling hotties meetin’, greetin’, and sweetin’ on each other over at Homeschool Hackers.  If you wanne be in my posse, you gotta be a hacker, man.  Me and my bad back will see you there!!


homeschool hacks


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  1. Thanks for the wonderful write up! 🙂

  2. Hope your back is better soon !

  3. Alli – Only wish I could’ve jumped around and sung a little ditty – – that’s how much I love HH!

    Abb. – (is that how you abbreviate “abbreviated?”) Thanks for the well wishing…I’m sure I’ll be back in business soon (yes, I crack myself up!)

  4. That was a funny comment — Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Thanks for the linky love! ::Mwah:: I enjoy your comments on my blog and at twitter.


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