I knew I would regret those Star Trek onesies…


These are my two sons.

This is our backyard.

In this picture, which I secretly snapped from our back deck, it might look like they are about to catch a squirrel.

They aren’t.

It might look like they are starting a primitive boy band.

They aren’t.

You might even think they are preparing for battle against the demon children down the street.

But you’d be wrong.

This picture, which could have been taken on any day of the week, and almost any time of day, is representative of the newest obsession in the Topsy-Techie household.

I am referring to G.U.R.P.S. (Generic Universal Role Playing System).  Yep, my kids are officially geeks.  I know I have kidded about them being geeks on many occasions here on this blog.  I laughed.  I scoffed.  I sniggered. 

But now that both my sons are deeply embroiled in what can only be described as a 2008 version of D&D, I guess it is time to come to terms with it.  I can make peace with it, right?  After all, I probably contributed to it.  Their first playroom was in the basement.  Their first dress up clothes included golden helmets and light sabers.  And a lot of their first reading was out of old comic books.  So yes, I had a part to play in the nature vs nurture cliffhanger.  But I still never expected my boys to be walking around the back yard with a box of dice and a stick. 

It’s just a little surreal.

I guess I sorta wish they were about to catch a squirrel.


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  1. I absolutely have no idea what a box of dice and a stick have to do with anything! These are my beautiful grandsons and they are burying treasure or perhaps some small animal from the neighbor’s yard. T-T

  2. Actually, T-T…

    The stick: Used to simulate a sword/gun/other gruesome weapon for my touchy-feely brother. I, instead, use my hands and cheesy 80’s movie sound effects to simulate gunshots and etc
    The box: Rule #1 of role-playing, YOU MUST HAVE DICE, basically any time theres a doubt something happens or not (H-T’s character bandaging his wound without hurting himself more, shaving without tearing your skull out, eating without having a heart attack), you roll 3 dice (or 1, or 2, or 6-1 and so on) to determine whether it fails or not, or gets an even different outcome. While flimsy systems like D&D use odd dice, GURPS only uses 6 sided ones. We carry six of those at all times.

    Anyone can join a session of GURPS, they just have to know how to: A) speak in the third person B) be someone else and C) have fun. The system is very easy to learn, and H-T doesn’t have to worry because I keep my math in shape by keeping track of the numbers and rolls in the game and stuff for us.


  3. I remember when GURPS first started… I played a game made by the same company Steve Jackson Games… the game I played was Car Wars…

    Yes I am a geek too.

  4. Thanks for coming by Liam!…the more geeks the merrier!

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