Friday’s Hardwired Homeschool Hints: Learning Styles

I was four years into homeschooling before I knew ANYTHING about learning styles.  Can you imagine how much abacus curriculum we went through in those four years??  Like a total nube, I made the mistaken assumption that I could pick a curriculum that fit with our values system and budget and it would magically work with my kiddos.  Au contraire!

Once I understood that we all learn in different unique ways, and that curriculum could be matched to our particular style, I was in homeschool heaven.  So, just in case you are in the dark like I was, or maybe just need a refresher, I’m going to focus today’s HHH on some tools and sites that will help you determine your child’s (and yours!) learning style and make the most of it this homeschool year….

Hope these links, at the start of a new homeschool year, will help you get focused on how to help your child reach his or her full potential.  Trust me….it is going to be a great year for homeschooling!!


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  1. Oh, we spent tons of money on stuff that didn’t work either! I kept trying to teach him based on *my* learning style without even considering his (I know – duh!)

    Thanks for posting these links. I have a few new homeschoolers I’m going to pass these along to!

  2. Yeah, and it is so funny how many times the parents/child’s learning style are so different…definitely not a genetic trait, eh?

  3. OMG, you are so right here! Now, I don’t feel so bad that it took me about 2years to figure that out :-)))

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