Gettin’ Me A Free Airplane Manual…yes I am!

Well, it is only three more days until Uber and I are leavin’ on a jet plane….for the city of lights.  Even with two free plane tickets, though, the trip is gonna cost us.  Food, attractions, our reputation as law-abiding citizens.  So, I’ve been trying to come up with some creative ways to cut corners around the Techie household. 

piggybank I’m cutting coupons…yes I am.  Even printing some, too – – you know, from those Mommy/Frugal Homekeeper/Working Diva-type coupon sites.  But with the cost of my printer’s ink, lately, I’m not exactly sure I’m breaking even on those. 

I’m buying generic…you bet your sweet pa-toot I am.  We have this lovely store that invaded our town a little over a year ago called Aldi.  And almost everything in it is generically-labeled, but quality goods.  It’s a super-duper-cost-cutting kinda’ store, cause you bag your own groceries, return your own carts, and it only accepts cash or debit cards.  My mom would rather pull her left eyelid over her head than shop at a store like this one, but as for me – – I’m never too proud to BMOB (bring my own bags).

I’m buying local…yessirree bob I am.  Heading out early on a Saturday morning to the tailgate market has become something of a “me time” getaway.  Besides, its cheaper than the overpriced grocery stores, its environmentally friendly, and it supports local farming.  And its a little known fact that produce actually tastes better when the farmer hands it to you him or herself.

I’m cooking more and eating out less…yes, sadly, I am.  Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE to cook.  It is an all-time favorite activity.  But who has the time anymore???  Nevertheless, all that fresh produce from the tailgate market ain’t gonna throw itself in a pan, so I’m putting some sweat equity into this cutting-corners business.

I’m visiting freebies sites….shhh, I am, but you won’t tell, will you?  I swore I would never be one of those “freebies” people who spend hours online filling out surveys for free samples of laundry detergent.  On the other hand, there are some pretty cool offers out there if you can catch ’em…especially for homeschoolers.  I came across this great list of free offerings categorized by subject area.  And this really popular site with a homeschool freebie of the day.  The Old Schoolhouse magazine has gotten in on the freebies as well by putting out a list of freebie offers from homeschool vendors.  These seem like really useful lists and links.

But then, there are the well-meaning homeschool bloggers who find a freebie, and highlight it in a post as if they have found the missing link between homeschool conventions and jean skirts.  I’m not going to name names here, folks, so catch your breath now.  That’s right, head between your legs, it will pass soon.  But you know who you are. 

That free “science kit” that includes a magnet, a rubber band, and a 3X5 card?  Please don’t bother sending us to the site. That’s just Susie-homeschooler who recently found 432 spare magnets in the couch she was throwing out, and decided to dispose of them responsibly.  Or the free ebook you discovered highlighting the reasons why people should homeschool.  Choir?  Present and accounted for, sir.  No need to preach here.  Then there was this honest-to-god link to a wonderful set of free aircraft manuals for homeschoolers.  Grey’s Anatomy fan or not, we were all shouting “SERIOUSLY??” at our laptops over that one.  Unless you are homeschooling terrorists, just exactly how much help is that gonna be to the average homeschooler?

I’m cutting corners, yes I am.  But I’ll be darned if I’m gonna order me up an aircraft manual, just because its free.  Now if my plane does happen to get hijacked on the way to Vegas, and a terrorist orders me to land the thing by myself, I will SO be coming back to apologize and to highly recommend the free aircraft manuals to all homeschool travelers.  I’m never one to deny it when I’m wrong…no I’m not.

Sure would love to hear YOUR tips for cutting corners these days…out with ’em folks!

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