Carnival Time…Homeschool Style

Yes, I finally remembered to enter a post into the latest Homeschool Blog Carnival.  I’m always meaning to, and then realizing that the deadline has passed about five hours ago.  But this time, I made it in time! 

My post is buried in there somewhere, so you’ll have to dig deep if you want to find it.  This post was from my BlogWritingCourse blog, and it was called:

If You Can Read This, You Might Have Been Homeschooled.”

The smart-alek in me really loves that slogan.  They’ve got it emblazened on t-shirts over at CafePress, so if you like it, go over and get you one, and be smart alek-y right along with me. Kay?

Anyway, as always, there are a lot of great posts in this homeschool blog carnival, so head over to Life Nurturing Education and check out this month’s edition. 


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  1. Thanks for stopping by today. Loved the comment! I have a new blog up to so check it out it’s called graphicdesignsfromtheheart. The link is on my main blog. Much Love From Queen Bee!

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