Friday’s Hardwired Homeschool Hints: Weather

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Yes, it is Friday once again, and you all know what that means….time to scour the web for some terrific resources and tools to make our homeschool moments more techie, and (at least IMHO) lots more fun. 

Don’t know if you have been following this year’s hurricane season, but as always, it has been an interesting one.  And unless you are lucky enough to live way west of the Mississippi, then you may be one of us who has to put up with the unwelcome visits of our enemies from the warm oceans to the east this time of year.  My state, North Carolina, is looking at a possible hit from Hanna in the next few days.

Anyway, these hurricanes have got me thinking about weather, and there are so many cool weather sites and resources out there, that I just had to list some of my favorites for you in this edition of FHHH.  What’s the weather where you are today??


  • First of all…for anyone who has ever wanted to know or refresh their memory on how a hurricane forms, you MUST check out this fun video song at….THE HURRICANE SONG
  • Dan’s Wild, Wild Weather Page – This is a wonderful interactive overall weather site.  Dan is a meteorologist in Huntsville, AL, and has put together quite a collection of facts, games, quizzes, teacher resources, and some incredible pictures.  This is a terrific starting place for doing any weather research.
  • Sesame Street: Weather – Wonderful list of Sesame Street weather videos for the littlest learners.  I wish I had more time to peruse this one.  Life can be cruel like that sometimes.
  • The Weather Doctor – Weather almanac, current articles, and endless information on how to connect weather to all curriculum subjects, and how to become an active weather watcher.
  • I can’t overlook the National Weather Service.  When I get weather-obsessed (yes, I consider myself to be a closet meteorologist), this is my first go-to site for current info and news.  They always have really current updates on all the hurricanes, as well.
  • Edheads Weather Activity – I LOVE interactive web activities that teach and entertain at the same time.  This is a really great one that teaches about weather prediction
  • If you use Google Earth (please tell me you use Google Earth people!), then this is a really cool layer add-on called Weather Bonk, that lets you see temperatures and radars overlayed on your display
  • If you are like me, I always get confused about El Niño and La Niña, and how they affect our current weather patterns.  This Climate Prediction Center FAQ helps clear up the confusion in an interactive way.
  • Weather Forecasting Learning Module – if you are doing a middle school/high school unit study on weather, this learning module can provide an easy outline for your unit.  Some topics explored are climate classification, making the forecast, and significance of weather.
  • Weather Charts – am I the only one who thinks weather charts are the coolest?  This site even lets you download software to plot your own weather charts
  • Kid Meteorologist – Great video from PBS Zoom, with explanation on the career and study of meteorology
  • US Drought Monitor – unfortunately, this one hits way too close to home; an interactive map of current drought conditions throughout the US.  My area of the state is in the D4 region – – the highest level of drought.  Sigh.
  • Let’s Learn About Temperature & Weather – this terrific software for kids ages 6-12 is over 60% off at Amazon!!  Use my link, please, to buy, so Amazon can give me the affiliate thanks I so richly deserve!

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  1. I will have to check out some of those sites! The kids love learning about weather. Thanks for sharing and stopping by today. Much Love

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