The "All Science All The Time" Channel

When we dropped our satellite subscription, we lost a few of our fave channels – – no, I don’t mean the Home Shopping Network.  I’ve got all the space bags I need, thank you very much.  But one of the biggest losses were the channels that provided our science fix.  Discovery…The Science Channel…Rural Living (hey you watch a couple dozen cows being born and say you haven’t learned something!)

Anyway, I’ve started to notice these subtle ways that our science-obsessed family has tried to make up for their losses. 

  1. R-T has been giving the boys nightmares with horror stories of all that could go wrong with the Hadron Collider.  He loves to torture them with ideas of black holes and tears in the universe, and then leave them quaking as he goes and grabs a diet coke and goes about his evening.
  2. H-T has changed his home page on his browser to the Discovery Channel.  Poor kid.  He’ll probably need therapy just to overcome the grief of losing something so obviously crucial to his formation as a child.
  3. Spore has landed.  The boys have barely come up for air since the arrival of this multi-million dollar genetic science game.
  4. R-T and I are hooked on Fringe.  We knew it would happen, yet we dared to watch anyway. But this thing is FULL of science jargon and science labs and science geeks – – our peeps!!  How could we not get hooked??
  5. The worst of all?  When he looked terribly bored the other day, I offered Uber a copy of our latest issue of National Geographic.  He took it and then politely handed it back.  “I finished that one.”  What have I done to my children??

I’m thinking of installing a webcam in each room of our house.  Surely our daily activities would justify a new reality science channel?  The All-Science-All-The-Time Channel. 

We are so weird. (But in a really cool way, of course.)




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  1. I would have to agree about the Hadron Collider, it seems a little fishy, kind of like they are really trying to play God. I hope nothing bad happens, even as many scientists and all the knowledge there, I still think that there are things that can go wrong….

  2. I’ve considered web cams in every room as well – because we have small children and there is likely to be food in each room of the house. Every room has its own science experiment…ick!

  3. This has nothing to do with web-cams, because I am going to suggest radio, but do you know Radiolab?

    It’s NPR, and their website his a few seasons of archived shows — all are free, and I love it.

    I am big fan of radio programs and this one is pretty innovative. Your sons might like it…..

    you can just google it, but if you want, email me and I’ll give you the link.

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