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228584189_f44becfd6f_m Do you Woot?  Oh, I SO woot, and thanks to my favorite deal-of-the-day site, I am now the proud owner of my first handheld portable mp3/video player.  Yes, if God had chosen to make me financially secure, I might already be in possession of one of those swanky Apple iphones, but seeing as how I’m not always the smartest with the almighty dollar, I can kinda understand his reservations. So instead, I wooted myself a $36 refurbished Sansa portable video player…and I gotta tell you…it’s no white trash bargain basement junk.  The thing actually and literally rocks!!

So far, I have downloaded most of my mp3 collection and a couple episodes of Regis and Kelly’s host chat.  I’m so busy homeschooling these days that I miss my R & K, and it is just plain devastating, so now I have them on my Sansa, and they go wherever I go.  (don’t worry…Kelly is so skinny she hardly even weighs down my purse)

It is so cool to be waiting at my son’s orthodontist appt, and not be limited to last February’s issue of O magazine for entertainment!!  And seeing as how my faithful 2000 Ford Taurus wagon doesn’t even have a CD player (don’t judge me! it also doesn’t require a car payment!), now I just plug my new buddy into the receiver, and voila!  Cool tunes in my ultra-uncool car! 

My next goal?  Downloading some of the terrific 80’s videos from…what could be better than being stuck in traffic and watching Mr. T in his short-shorts rap about treating your mother right??!!  I ask you…what??!!

Isn’t technology great?


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  1. You’ve been awarded!! Check out my blog for your award! Sorry I haven’t been commenting, but I am still reading!!

  2. (don’t worry…Kelly is so skinny she hardly even weighs down my purse) – LMAO! I haven’t wooted, but I’m going over there right now. Oh, where are you getting the R&K chats?

  3. Our family totally WOOTs! We were enlightened by our Computer Engineer son.

    There is an additional little program you can install that will send you an email every day with the WOOT item of the day.

    The program is called Wootalyzer (

  4. I have a Zune with an insane amount of storage space, but have to admit that I’ve never really sat down to fill the thing. Thanks for the 80’s video links….now THAT is worth taking the time to download. Our 13yo and 11yo often say, “Mom, you’re from the 80’s,” as if that means I’m a little out of their loop….but I know better — it means I’m RADICOOL!

  5. RG – A big thank you for the award! What ever can i do to repay you?? How about some linky love…check out my next post!

    Karen – they are on the official R&K website in their video section…they are all archived, so don’t go unless you have some time to spare!!

    HE – The Wootalyzer. Wow. Think that it’s as dangerous as the Hadron Collider??

    Lovely – Radicool! Thank you for my new catchphrase!!

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