Still No Gas!

Our little area of the world is small.  Some might say unimportant.  In fact, we seem to be so unimportant that the gas companies don’t even know we exist.  We are generally good people.  We nod to our neighbors on the street.  We stop and help someone who has a flat tire.  We eat our vegetables.  So what gives??!!  Why do we deserve to be ignored by the powers that be? 

Seriously though, people are really taking a hurtin’ from this gas crisis.  Delivery drivers can’t make their rounds.  School teachers can’t make it to school because their tanks are dry.  Even our police are having to curb their watches and cruise through only the most difficult neighborhoods. 

You could say our family is one of the lucky ones.  We live in the city limits and can walk to the grocery, the library, the post office.  But many, many of our area residents live in much more rural areas, and can’t find a way to get to work or to the store. One local community college has canceled classes for the rest of the week. 

A few gas stations in town got a gas delivery today.  The line at those stations has sometimes been forty cars deep.  And the gas is usually gone in about two hours flat. Here is a picture from our local paper of a recent gas line:

Tell us which stations have gas 

We went from panic to chaos, and so far, there is no clear indication of when things are going to get better.  The local government just tells us to be patient.  The media tells us to be patient.

And the gas companies?  Well, they still don’t know we exist.  Think sending up a flare would do any good?


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  1. We’re in a rural area and it’s making life very difficult. I had to cancel a doctor’s appointment and I’m worried about getting to work on Friday. This is just plain nuts.

  2. OMG – I can’t believe that line of cars! I wonder how many people run out of gas while waiting to *get* gas?? I guess I should feel pretty lucky, since it’s not an issue for us out this way. We’re constantly in the car for field trips and such, but if it came down to it, we could keep all driving within a 5 mile radius of the house.

    Wish I could send you a few gallons!

  3. I waited in one of those fun gas lines the other night, for about forty minutes. It also took another ten minutes to pump gas, because the pumps were so bogged down and going super slow. It was such a tense atmosphere, too. Everyone was super cranky and uptight as they waited and waited. I was thrilled to get out of there.

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