A Thousand Words Thursday


We went on a field trip to a local air museum this past week, and the boys surprised themselves with how much they enjoyed perusing the planes, and all the cool antique airplane memorabilia.  There was even a framed poster of the original signatures of many of the WWI flying aces (from both sides of the conflict!)  It is one of only two such documents in the world, and we were duly impressed.  We headed over late in the afternoon, and were actually the only people in the museum, so the volunteer on duty gave us quite the detailed tour, including a chance for the boys to sit in one of the crafts and fulfill their flying fantasies. 

I love this picture so much because Uber (front) looks like he has curlers in his air above those headphones!!  Hey, if my hair were blowing around up there at 70-80 mph, I’d probably need some curlers too!

9-20 009


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  1. Very very cool!! Thanks for joining in!

  2. Topsy…call me…I have a surprise for you….

  3. Looks like the boys had a lot of fun! Cody loves air museums. We have 3 within an hour’s drive and he’d hang out there all the time if he could.

  4. Aren’t they the coolest??!! As far as I know, this one is the only one around this neck of the woods, but I plan on doing some research and finding out if there are others…

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