Friday’s Hardwired Homeschool Hints: Spelling

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In all my years as a homeschooling mom, I have never once woken up with the thought “Oh boy, I can’t wait until we get to do our spelling lesson today!” Go figure. Even though I was a pretty good speller in school myself, I still never got overly excited about spelling in general. Ok, there was this one time in third grade that I won a regional spelling bee and got to meet our local news broadcasters, but that was honestly the highlight of my spelling career. After elementary school, I never really thought about spelling.

And then years passed, and I woke up one day and I was a homeschooling mom. Almost overnight, spelling became sort of a big deal. Homeschooling and educational guides got me thinking about things I had never even considered up to that point. Was I going to teach using the phonics method or the whole word method? Would I use visual and kinesthetic manipulatives? Did I know all the phonograms, and how to correctly pronounce them?  Add to that mixture a son who has dyslexia, and you have a recipe for spelling anxiety.  So, I have depended on a good many different tools to help me in my spelling instruction over the years.  I am mentioning some of my most favorite ones today…

  • Spelling City – revolutionary free spelling site that lets you put in your own spelling list, and students can hear the words in a real human voice, and play games with them.  You can even use it as your weekly spelling test with the testing feature. One other incredibly cool perk is the ability to create handwriting worksheets out of the spelling words!!
  • Franklin’s Spelling Corrector – for any off-computer writing, this is the tool to have. Even if a child only knows how to spell a word phonetically (by sound) this little gadget will figure out what word they are trying to spell and give them the correct spelling
  • As-U-Type – if your homeschooler does most of his or her writing on the computer, this is a wonderful program to install because it not only spell checks as they type, but keeps track of their misspelled words in a file, so you can collect them for further spelling study, or spelling lists.
  • SpellDoctor – this is a more than just a tool; it is a complete spelling program.  I have subscribed to this service for two years now, and can attest to its thoroughness.  Although it can be pricey, it is definitely worth it (and check Homeschool Buyer’s Coop for group discounts)
  • Skillswise Spelling – this site focuses on the “why’s” behind our spelling rules, and examines words from every angle. The site includes sections on root words, prefixes and suffixes, homophones, letter patterns, silent letters and more. Interactive games help students practice each of the concepts taught, and most of the lessons include printable factsheets for further reference and instruction.
  • LookWayUp – similar to the Franklin spelling corrector, but in an easy to access web version.  No matter what the word, or how strangely it is entered, the LookWayup program will decipher the word and give you the correct spelling and definition. Only know how the word sounds phonetically? No problem. Just type in the sounds you hear, and the program will tell you its top choice based on your input, and then list other possible choices underneath.

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  1. Thanks for coming by today! I am gone check out those sites — my kids hate spelling. Thanks for sharing — Much Love


  2. Really? You haven’t thought that even once?? What is *wrong* with you?? *snort*

    That Franklin Spelling Corrector sounds exactly like something Cody needs. If I bought it for him for Christmas, would I lose “cool mom” points? ;D

  3. Topsy, Thanks for your kind words. We should talk more about the future of our SpellingCity. We are thinking about new features and usage models so your input might be very helpful.

    For instance, we just added one new spelling game (the line matching game) and now we are thinking about whether to do a more competitive spelling game, do more with printing the games, or do a flash alphabetizing game…. thoughts?

  4. Anissa, Kids that hate spelling??!! You should definitely have them checked out…they are way too normal! 😉

    FM – Perhaps, but do it anyway and blame it on those darn elves. They always used to put toothpaste in my stocking, and the way I see it, they’ve got it coming to them.

    Your Mayorship – I’ll give it some deep thought and get back to you…

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