Fall TV – Out of the Starting Gates

So we are a couple weeks into the new fall TV season, and I’m curious what you guys are watching.  Here is my current pictorial playlist…




It’s creepy and it’s kooky. Marvelous and spooky. 

Nope, not the Addams Family.  It’s Fringe.  And it is basically X-Files without the dark Vancouver backdrop.  There are scenes acted so deliciously that you wanna go ahead and beg for your pass to the backstage Emmy celebration.  Best new show of the season, IMO.




This year it’s all about the Hahn.  This time, though, it’s not Jessica, the televangelist tittilater, but Dr. Erika Hahn, who might or might not be playing for the girl’s team this year.  I love this gal, with her un-stereotypically Hollywood looks and her goofy facial expressions.  This Doc has got it going on!




This multi-layered detective show is just so darn much fun to watch!  Charlie is constantly pulled between his need for zen peace and his need for sweet revenge, and has plenty of distraction in his beautiful junkie partner.  Too much fun to be completely legal…count yourself warned.




The jury isn’t completely in on season 2.  I watched the first episode, and if Dell is quitting, then is there really any reason to continue watching.  I love Addison, sure, but she’s not enough to get me to attached to an LA medical practice for 43 minutes a week.  Just don’t get rid of Dell, producers!  Just don’t!!




Granted, this one hasn’t even premiered yet (tomorrow night, 10pm, CBS), but I am already mighty intrigued.  It’s got science.  It’s got fiction.  Maybe that doesn’t make it science fiction, but its close enough in my book to give it the ol’ college try.  I hope this is as good as it looks and sounds, cause we need one more good sci-fi hit this year, I think.


Keep in mind, that I watch all of these online, so if it ain’t available to stream, I don’t see it.  So those of you who are privy to such high-falutin’ things as cable or satellite might have a completely different list.  So tell me what I am missing in the comments, k?  I promise not to feel slighted. (Fingers crossed doesn’t count)


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  1. Okay, here’s my list…Mad Men (this show totally rocks!!!), Desperate Housewives, Grey’s, House, and How I Met Your Mother. I also like October Road and My Boys, but I have no idea if they are coming back and they are both January start shows. Lest you think I sit and watch tv all night, we have Tivo so I can watch when I have time. 😉

  2. I’ve been catching Fringe thanks to Hulu. Boy, I love that site! Our other “must see” shows are Stargate-Atlantis, Eureka (though it’s on it’s break til January), Burn Notice (also on it’s fall break), Bones, and Chuck. Oooh – and Supernatural.

    Usually we check out series from the library. Currently I’m in the midst of Farscape.

  3. What, no House, M.D.??? 😉 I tried Fringe but just didn’t get it (first ep didn’t do a thing for me – but I never watched the X-Files either). I only watch House and CSI (the original one) religiously but I often sit through Mythbusters as well (although their season started over the summer I think). House is on Hulu (and the Fox site) but they don’t come on until 8 days after the original air date. I haven’t done a sitcom since Night Court except sporadically when there’s truly nothing else on.

  4. I am starting Heroes which is 3 seasons in, but thanks to the good ol’ net I am streaming the, so far I am on episode 4 of season 1…..not far, but still, working. The girl from greys (in your picture) looks like the cheerleader from Heroes, her name is escaping me at the moment….its been about 4-7 days since my last ep…..I am watching south park(what teen wouldn’t) as well as mythbusters, which both are on wed nights, after i have something during the evening….of course! Oh mythbusters new season started this past wednsday, so don’t worry you haven’t misses much heather!

  5. RG – R-T and I are thinking of getting the 1st season of Mad Men on DVD, cause there is a lotta good buzz about it..

    FM – After Mad Men, Burn Notice is next on our to-do list…

    Heather – I’ve never given House, MD a college try. Only an episode or two. Is it the kinda show you need to start from the beginning?

    Kimi – Tried Heroes. I never got it. Think I might be too old?? The whole graphic novel thing really escapes me. What teen wouldn’t watch South Park? MINE of course! Unless you know something I don’t. Huh?

  6. I have been caught upin Hereos this week. I watch the complete series here:

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    Missed the first two seasons so I am going back to watch them now

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