Friday’s Hardwired Homeschool Hints: Money

fridays hardwired homeschool hints pic I had another theme all picked out and ready for today, but courtesy of every newspaper, tv news story, and online headline, I’ve turned my attention toward the economy this morning.  So how about we help our kiddos learn to make the most of their pennies and nickels AND figure out how it all works with these great techie tools…

Maybe the next generation can learn from our mistakes?



  • Understanding the Financial Crisis – Great Youtube video that explains as clearly and visually as possible what is going on with the current economic crisis
  • Managing Money: Needs vs. Wants – where every discussion on money should start and end.  What do we NEED?  What do we WANT?  What is the DIFFERENCE?
  • Economics America: Financial Fitness for Life – Program from the National Council on Economic Education.  Check out their catalog for full curriculum on economics, personal finance, and entrepreneurship
  • Kids Consumer Corner – A Thinkquest designed to help kids understand all the ins and out of being a smart buyer, smart saver, and smart investor
  • Economics for Kids – great link list of sites dealing with economics and money
  • It All Adds Up – life skills site for teens that lets them try out simulations of credit management, buying a car, paying for college, etc.
  • Kids Bank – interactive, fun site for kids to learn about money and banking
  • Active Allowance – Ok, this one might be too gadgety even for me, but the idea is very cool.  Track kids chores, allowance, and budget online!
  • Money Instructor Learning Games – online games to teach money skills
  • Practical Money Skills for Life – curriculum and lesson plans for teaching all ages
  • How Money Began – fun article that could fit easily into any homeschool discussion about money
  • Webquest: Personal Budget – helping middle and high schoolers understand how living within a budget can help them all throughout life

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  1. Watched the Understanding the Financial Crisis video and thought it did a good job explaining what’s going on. Beyond that, thought the way the box opened with the video inside was awesome! Wonder if Blogger has something like that? I’ll have to check it out.

  2. Once again, I’ve bookmarked a bunch more sites based on the “Topsy-Techie Seal of Approval” ;D

    What would I do without you??

  3. I love the sites you find. They are really helping me homeschool my kids. I just watched the youtube one about the economy. Great! Thanks for doing this!

  4. Who knew we would one day be a culture that went to something called “YouTube” to figure out the economy?! Isn’t life the funniest!?

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