I’m All A-Twitter

As a habit, I don’t post much on the weekends, but it is fall, and I’m feeling festive, and so I gave the ol’ blog header a Halloween makeover, and decided to tell you about my latest entry into the world wide web of macro-blogging.

Yep, I’m now officially a Twitterer.  As a work assignment, I attended a webinar about how to use Twitter for marketing purposes, and it is quite a fascinating concept – – this macro-blogging.  In my mind, I see it as basically sending out text messages.  Except that you are sending them to the whole world (or the whole Twitter world, anyway.)

It’s like…life between blogs.  Yes, wipe that shocked look off your face.  Life does happen between blog posts! And apparently, some people simply can’t wait until their next blog post to tell about it.  So they twitter it.  In 140 characters or less.

To me, it is kind of like these maddening writing assignments I would get in college.  When you are getting your degree in writing, they sort of run out of things to have you write about by your junior year, so they start getting “creative.”

Assignment:  Write about how your socks feel after a day of being worn.


Assignment: Wear a blindfold for an hour, and explain things from the point of view of your sense of taste.

The further we got toward our degree, the funkier the writing assignments.  In fact,  I could SO see my creative writing instructor, Ms. Waters, writing across the top of the board: 

“Ok. You have thirty seconds. Write the most creative, random thought you can come up with in 140 characters or less.  Go!”

Anyway, on Twitter (for those of you not in the know) you follow other Twitterers, and people follow you.  When you post your Twitter feed (see my sidebar below), people can read your Twitters to the Twittersphere, as well as specific Twitters you send in response to other people’s Twitters.  Did you get all that?  Pay attention people, because there may be a quiz!!

So, at random times through the day, I can just Twitter away about what I am doing, or thinking, or something I want to link to, or recommend, or warn people about.  Anything.  But. The writer in me tells me that those 140 characters have to matter somehow.  They have to have meaning.  Purpose.  A reason to exist.  So there I sit, in front of my Twitter display, trying to figure out what in the heck to Twitter about that could possibly matter in the world.  Obviously, I sit there quite awhile. 

If you Twitter, will you let me know so I can follow you?  And if you want to follow me, my Twitter ID is: SimplyWrite.  And you will want to follow me, cause what I write will be worthy of Twittering about, I assure you…


5 Responses

  1. Couldn’t find you! I’m spanishblog. 🙂 Twittering has driven quite a bit of traffic to my blog. I love it!

  2. I’m Twittering also
    It’s quite addictive!

  3. I am so addicted to Twitter I had to turn it off on my PDA until the election was over (too many people talking about – ahem – nothing!). You can follow me using hmduey and canufindme.

  4. http://twitter.com/espeorb thats me! Follow, I followed you! 😀 By the way, I love the new blog design.

  5. Karen- Having fun following you. What is Spanish for “Twitter” again?

    Robyn – Catch you on the Twitterside!

    Heather – I’m starting to understand the need for a Twitter’s Anonymous…

    Espeorb – Oh, I will SO be following you mister!

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