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I scream, You scream, We all scream for…free stuff.  Right?

Scholastic is unabashedly for the traditional K-12 crowd, but I have been known to sneak over to their website every week from time to time to steal some inside-info.

Instead of keeping that goodness all to myself, I thought I would be magnanimous and share it with all you homeschoolers this time around.

So head over to Scholastic’s “Free Stuff” page for September/October, and get in on the free sites, contests, and giveaways that normally only the “Real Teachers” get in on.

I won’t tell if you won’t…


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  1. Scholastic really does have useful stuff over there. Make sure to watch the contests for the kids also – you generally do not need to be a in traditional school to enter. Good odds actually on anything for kids requiring they do something like a puzzle, write an essay/story. draw. These get the fewest entries.

  2. Yeah, my oldest son won a Scholastic contest a couple years ago and it was such a boost!

  3. I am a classroom teacher and didn’t know about this. There are a ton of grants out there that would really help at our private school. Thanks for the info!!

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