The Dangers of Remodeling


Remodeling should definitely come with some kind of warning on the package.  Last night, I got up as usual in the pitch black darkness to take care of business, and had forgotten about the dining room rug rolled up in the hallway. 

So I guess you know what happened next.  Tripsy-daisy, right into the pile of yard sale items I had been collecting.  Out went my lower back, in came my hubby running, and splat went the small amount of dignity I still have left at almost 40. 

I received some valuable information in the process though. I found out that I do not have one of those dogs that will come to my rescue in case of an emergency.  Our black lab was so traumatized by the noise of my fall that she jumped up on the couch and lay there shivering until I physically removed her.  

I needed that couch. The rest of the night was spent laying on it on an ice pack, praying that my shaken hubby would be able to get back to sleep before a big day at work today.  I didn’t know I had woken up Uber, although he informed me that a big crash had interrupted his beauty rest as well.  If I had, I would have added even more guilt to my repertoire, so I’m glad he never came out of his room.

I have about one million things to do today, and no back to do it with, so any good thoughts and prayers sent my way would be greatly appreciated….

And I’m a big believer in learning from other people’s mistakes, so if YOU undertake a remodeling project, you might want to leave a night light on in the hallway.  Just a thought…


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  1. Oh, I’m sorry about that! Ouch! Your comment about your dog had me laughing though. By the way, when is your yard sale?

  2. Yikes! You know, maybe I’ll just be happy with my house as it is…remodeling sounds like more advernture than I’m up for! : ) Get well. soon.

  3. Sorry to hear about your back — praying it gets better. His hard drive was ok. Thank God! But everything esle was lost. Thanks for coming by today — I haven’t heard from you in a while.

    Much Love

  4. Karen – date to be determined…my mom and I will be doing it together, probably on a Friday that promises to have good weather

    Altana – Thanks for the well wishes…I promise you we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t absolutely have to!

    Anissa – It is feeling a good bit better already, thanks. Glad hubby’s hard drive is mending as well. I’m still reading religiously, but commenting much like a backslider, I’m afraid…

  5. Hope your back is better today. We use a very good therapeutic massage therapist, if you’re interested.

    The dog part of the bad news was funny, though!

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