We Were The 80’s Day!!


It’s here!  It’s here!

Are you psyched??

October 30 is officially “We Were The 80’s” Day.  Well, even if it’s not officially official, it is still here.  And to celebrate, I’m gonna humiliate myself big time.  I’m gonna post a few pics of my 80’s days.

I’m giving you warning right now that you might need to up your screen resolution to at least 1024 ppi to be able to get ALL of my hair in there…God help you if you don’t have a widescreen monitor, is all I can say.

So here goes…80's_0002 now this was about 1985, I think, and if I’m not mistaken, that was the year that having a raspberry beret, at least, was considered very sexy, according to one Prince.  The suspenders? – – oh, I think I came up with that sexy accessory all on my own. 


I had to show this picture just because it is so historic.   This is mine and hubby’s first ever date…to my school athletic banquet.  I think a size 28″ belt would have fit around both of our waists and still had room for at least Mary Kate Olson.  Now, unfortunately, the two of us look like we ate poor Mary Kate for lunch last week. 

But at one time, I truly had a waistline.  NO photoshop involved!



80's_0001Three years after my beret pic, and 437 fashion faux-pas later, I made it to graduation.   Well, my hair was on time, but the rest of me got there about 15 minutes late.  Do you SEE how far back on my head I had to pin that there cap?? God knows I wouldn’t have wanted to smash down even one of those feathered curls.

So I triple dog dare you to join in the fun…post your favorite 80’s pics today, and please don’t leave me alone in my humiliation…


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  1. Omygosh, I love that first pic, your hair was looking good! Yes I loved 80’s hair, still.

    Um that second pic scares me. How can your waist be that tiny? Although, I wish mine looked like that now.

    I didn’t have BIG hair the year I graduated in 86, I think I got it in early 87! lol So my cap went on well, but my taco bell hat didn’t so well.

  2. Sometime I still want to do my hair big and 80’s….haha.

    You were SOOO tiny!!! I was small but not like that!

  3. whoahhh! teeny tiny waist!

    how did you hold up all that hair???


    I enjoyed your post!

  4. You looked fab! Too bad we all didn’t have stock in AquaNet!

  5. I would share in the fun but I don’t have any digital pix of me in HS in the 80’s. I’m sure I had big hair, but I kept mine short for sports so nobody would have really noticed. I thought I was tiny back then, but I’m pretty sure you’ve got me beat. Great pictures, thanks for sharing them!

  6. Sometimes I would reach under all that hair and rub your shoulders. I could only feel bones – a scary feeling. But I knew, even then, that things would change. I only had to look at both sides of the family!!

  7. I missed 80’s day!?! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! But just for you, I may have to dig out yet another horrible 80’s pic of myself. Even though I have posted some before. Because I am, apparently, a masochist. Must have been all of the Aqua Net I sucked down as a teen.

  8. love the 80’s

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