When Geeks Get Ghoulish

I’ll tell you the truth.  I’m not a big Halloween person.  I know that makes me boring, and stuffy, and way too grown up for my own good, but I just don’t get the whole dressing up thing.  I really never have.  I put up with it as a kid because I would do anything for a bag full of sugar-laced crack, but I never wore the mask to any of my costumes because it made my nose sweat, and I never kept any of my makeup on because it made my cheeks itch. 

I guess that makes me a Hallo-weenie.

Uber takes after me a bit – – he just doesn’t understand why people would want to put on something ridiculous looking and demean themselves for some flimsy Tootsie Rolls.  H-T, on the other hand, is my drama king, and wonders why the heck we only do it once a year!

But one thing all of us have in common around this time of year is our enjoyment of sticking knives into pumpkins and pulling out handfuls of gooey guts.  The boys completely designed and carved their own jack-o-lanterns this year, and in true geek fashion…

Uber carved out an emoticon…

Uber's Emoticon

Uber's Emoticon

and H-T used the symbol of his favorite flash game…Home Star Runner
H-T's Home Star Runner

H-T's Home Star Runner

I guess you can take the ghoul out of the geek, but you just can’t take the geek out of the ghoul.

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  1. Really? You don’t like dressing up? Oh, I love pretending to be somebody or something else. Guess I should have gone into acting.

    Love the pumpkins!

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