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I want to be a better blogger!   I long to be a better blogger!!

Could you hear the whine in my voice from all the way over here??

I’m subscribed to several great blogging e-newsletters, and I follow a good many blogs about blogging, but there is always something else to learn.  Fortunately, Steve Dembo, over at Teach42, is doing a blog series all this month called “30 Days To Being A Better Blogger.”

Hey, I fell for “30 Days To Losing 30 Pounds”, so this has GOT to be an easier sell.

Numero Uno on Steve’s list was to update your About Page.  This was probably written specifically to me, because I had actually forgotten that I even had an About Page.

I’m not sure exactly when I wrote my About Page, but President Bush had an 83% approval rating. So it was time.  I took up the challenge.

Whadd’ya think?  Does it sum me up?  Is it TMI?  Or leave you screaming for more?

Geez people.  It’s only an About Page.  Don’t get so worked up!!


What about you…have you updated your About Page lately?  Give it a whirl, and then why not link to it in the comments section so I can find out more about YOU.  I’m nosy like that…

Remember, every comment gets you another chance to win that HP Printer, so comment away!


3 Responses

  1. I especially like, “Lover of all things wired and shiny”!

    My About Me page wouldn’t win any awards. 😉 I’ll have to take that challenge!


  2. You have a great About Me page. Mine is quite boring http://hollysjoy.wordpress.com/about-2/ . However, I am not inspired to improve at the moment. I’m lucky to get time to blog.

  3. GHG – I challenge you an About Page, and raise you one Blogroll update!

    HJDong – It is definitely short and sweet, but hey, that’s all most people have time for nowadays!!

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