Hope in the Air


The dew was just a little more sparkly out my kitchen window this morning.  The leaves – – even the dead ones – – had a little more color to them.  My waffles definitely had more syrup on them.  I made sure of that one.  And the air…ah, the air…was just slam-packed with crisp, clean, HOPE.

Did you smell it too?


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  1. Really? Why, did something happen recently? You know, up in my Kasinsky cabin, where I’ve been holed up for the last 5 years with no electricity, no newspaper, and no TV, I’ve been shooting moose and field dressing them, just “Biden” my time. Too bad I don’t know what you’re referring to, though. Otherwise, I might be able to figure out what yer gettin’ at.

  2. Yes, I did! 🙂

  3. All I could smell was change!

  4. Will I sound like a wussy-girl if I admit that I actually wept with relief when they announced it last night? I swear everything seems different already 🙂

  5. Nanny – You had me at Kasinsky cabin…LOL!!

    Karen – When we say we love blue, we aren’t ALWAYS referring to Duke or Carolina, now are we??

    Elizabeth – tomato/to-mah-to

    FM – I think wussy-girls are the hottest!!

  6. Doesn’t is smell delicious!?

  7. Oh yes. Still filled with hope and relief!!

    Speaking of hope, I hope you received my emails and Tweets that you won my contest.

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