Hang On Tight…It’s About To Get Crazy ’round Here!

Everyone has a crazy week from time to time.  This just so happens to be mine.  I have double booked almost every hour of the week, and  – – people pleaser that I am – – have promised multiple people multiple things, most of which I will probably end up defaulting on and making them mad at me anyway.  My priority, however, is this blog, and getting out those 30 posts in 30 days that I promised, so you guys have plenty of opportunities to get that HP Printer under your tree this Christmas!!

Thankfully, Uber-Techie, my 14-year-old writing prodigy, has offered to guest post for me this week if I collapse into exhaustion and just can’t lift my fingers onto the keyboard.  So look forward to some especially fun techie insight from my brilliant young man in the coming days!

I’m also preparing a “catch-up” post for Friday’s Hardwired Homeschool Hints this Friday, since I’ve been lacking on that area in the last couple of weeks. 

LOTS to look forward to this week folks…at least if you aren’t me, that is….

What does your week hold?  Let’s hear about it in the comments section!!  (Warning…if you tell me that you are lazing in the Caribbean with an umbrella in your drink, I might just get PO’d enough to delete your freakin’ comment)


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  1. Week ahead? Hmmmm. Hubby and teen daughter get back from long weekend at oldest son’s college (Dad’s day) tonight, so laundry hampers will be instantly full. No school (public of course) tomorrow so schedule out of whack 2nd week in a row. Mostly lots of writing and blogging due to massive backlog of ideas and material! Every now and then, I take a break and read other people’s blogs – like Topsy-Techie! 🙂 On second thought, maybe I’ll chuck it all this morning and go get a latte!

  2. Well, it would be an awesome week (complete with little umbrellas) because it’s our first week off of school, except DH is going on a conference and I do not make a good single parent. So, instead, it will be a long week. Therefore, you do not have to delete my comment.

  3. Well I have a fun yet full week planned because the last two weeks we did not get hardly any school work done. We were off three days last week and 2 days the week before . . . so this week I’ll be cracking the whip on Baby Boy. Watch for a teenage boy pouting and stomping about . . . that will be mine. 😉

  4. Laura – One gal’s backlog is another gal’s Feedreader fodder…so go to it!

    HJ – Whew! My deleting finger was at the ready!

    Mom#1 – I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to differentiate your teenage stomping from mine anyway, so keep that whip crackin’ !

  5. What if I promise to take you to the Caribbean with me?? Just asking…

    This is actually a lighter week for us. We only have three homeschool related activities this week, and it seems like we *should* be doing more!

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