Oooh, I Can’t Look!

I can’t be the only one who has watched even five minutes of the national news lately and felt like the world must be going to hell in a handbasket.  The stories come at you one after the other as if the news producers have been chain smoking depressants. 

  • Manufacturing is at a 26 year low
  • Consumer confidence is lower than it has ever been
  • Unemployment rate highest in seven years
  • Retail sales continuing to fall
  • Huge corporate lay-offs

It’s just plain scary to walk by the television, especially between 6-8pm.  So I don’t.  I can filter what comes in through my internet news, but the television news is an unstoppable train of suicide-inducing blather. 

Uber was watching the first five minutes of our local news at lunch with me yesterday and asked why they always focus on the bad news.  I didn’t have an answer for him.  Why do they always focus on the bad news???

There has to be SOME positive economic news somewhere.  I was able to drive to a city that is about 30 miles away this week.  It was the first time I’ve been able to make that drive in months.  But lower gasoline prices allowed me to make the excursion, and even spend a few dollars in that city.  The fact that I could drive there was good for their local economy.  That’s good news!!

I swear, I WILL stop watching the news altogether if the producers of these shows can’t find something hopeful to talk about soon.  Yes consumer confidence is at an all-time low.  You wanna know why???Bomb Shelter Door


I am fully aware of how bad things are.  I know people personally who are in dire straits.  The homeless shelter where my hubby is the director is busier and fuller than ever.  I know all this. 

Now tell me the GOOD news…..PLEASE…

Here is some good news…every comment on a Topsy-Techie blog post this month earns you one entry into my November giveaway.  So comment away!


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  1. I NEVER watch the regular news . . .it’s too depressing. I have the Weather Bug on my computer to give me my weather updates, that’s all I need.

    I do, however, watch E! Entertainment news. It’s not depressing. Just like the name says, it’s entertaining.

    Maybe that’s why I’m so foolishly optimistic about everything, LOL. Go figure.

  2. I completely agree. I have often thought that there should at least be a segment, if not an entire half hour, called “The Good News”, about people doing wonderful, positive, thoughtful, enlightening things for each other and the world. It would go a long way toward putting some balance and healthy energy out there.

  3. Amen, sister! I’m so over hearing/seeing the dire straits reporting on TV too. It just adds fuel to the already negative flame of paranoia gripping the nation. Let’s band together and just start acting completely oblivious to the negative. People will start to wonder which planet we are living on and where our “HAPPY” is coming from! {grin}

  4. All we watch is CNBC (financhial news) which used to be a mix of good and bad, depending on your own investments, but these days is just bad. In fact, DS (6) who is just beginning to be aware of news heard an advertisement about “you might have bad stocks” and promptly replied, “they’re all bad stocks.”

  5. Mom #1 – – I see. You only watch the REAL news. But sometimes E makes me depressed too. I mean geez. If Jen and John can’t work it out, then really…who can???

    SoCalLynn – – There used to be this sappy morning tv show on the Hallmark Channel every morning that kind of had that premise, and I watched for about a week and then was bored. It went off the air shortly after. What does that tell you about the human condition? Sigh.

    HJackson – – Ever hear of the Optimist Club? I nominate you president of our local chapter!!

    HJD – – What a smart kid you have there!

  6. I NEVER watch TV news. I listen to NPR most of the day, and I read the NY Times online. I usually look at CNN online, too, but I am trying to break that habit. It’s all horror stories (often involving children) or celebrity fluff, just like TV news. Sometimes I look at the Charlotte Observer online, too. I should do that each day instead of CNN.

    Where in NC are you, btw?

  7. […] the answer?  A flea bomb.  I can’t believe I dissed those news guys for warning us to build bigger wider bomb shelters!  They were right.  And now I wish I had one […]

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