Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!!

I can’t see you, but I know you are there.  Statcounter tells me so.  Yes you…from Pennsylvania.  And you there…yes YOU, from Calgary.  And you, from Virginia, there is simply no point in lurking back in the shadows, because I still know where you are.groundhog

I’ve been trying to figure out why you are so shy. Maybe you only appear on Groundhog Day?

Well, whatever the reason, it is time to de-lurk and start commenting.


Well first of all because there is a WAY cool, brand new printer at stake.

But secondly, because if you comment, then I can comment back.  And if you leave me your blog url on your comment, I will definitely come over and comment there too. 

And if I really LIKE your blog when I visit (and why shouldn’t I?), then I can list it on my blogroll and OTHER people can visit it too. 

See? Commenting is a GOOD thing.  It creates community.  It makes you feel good.  It will bring about world peace…..well, it could.

So come on, ye lurkers.  Comment already!  It’s Saturday…what better thing could you possibly have to do today???

p.s.  I apologize YET AGAIN for not getting my Friday’s Hardwired Homeschool Hints up, but I have a GOOD excuse, I swear.  Tell you all about it next week…


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  1. I’m the one from Pennsylvania!

    To be fair, I only started following your blog sometime in the last week or so. I really appreciate seeing a different perspective on the education thing. You got me in the first place on the “Secular Homeschooler” post as it’s something I would consider one day once I have children.

  2. It’s OK. . . some people like to remain behind the scenes . . . only us “spotlight junkies” insist on commenting every time we come by, LOL.

  3. Maybe you could inspire comments or add a forum type thing on your blog, encouraging discussions of particular aspects of homeschooling, homeschooling products, testing experiences (which led you to homeschool?), or even why people end up homeschooling. Keep in mind, these suggestions are from a non-homeschooler, so I might not know what the heck I’m talking about!

  4. Dan – – not to worry, there are several of you Pennsylvanians lurking around here. I’m trying not to get too suspicious! Love following your tweets, btw. I feel the same way about your blog. . . I love seeing things from the other side. Getting tweets from your classroom is the next best thing to being there!

    Mom1 – – are you trying to tell me something??? 😉

    BlogH-ville – – that almost sounds like work! I think I prefer just whining about not getting comments… 😉

  5. Sat. I went to a political protest, a soccer game, a party, and watched a wildfire from my house. Yeah, some of us were busy on Sat. But, like Mom #1, I’m a comment hog too.

  6. HJD – – And I couldn’t be happier to have a hog for a friend!

  7. Good bait! I just found your site as well. I love your humor…something I need with a topic I take sooo seriously. I also can relate to the techie in you. This is my second year homeschooling 2 of my 3 children and if nothing else, my children will know their way around a computer! Keep up the great work. Interested in your blog writing course as well.

  8. Topsy. you lured me out. I’m here but quiet. Great writing. thanks.

  9. Charlene – I’ve got humor coming out my eyeballs – – sometimes its totally inappropriate, and sometimes its right on target, but its humor around here 24/7, I’m afraid. Thanks for dropping by!!

    BB@50 – Who knew YOU could be lurked from the shadows??!! I’m feeling pretty powerful right about now!

  10. I’m still here reading you in PA!! Just been too self-absorbed to comment, I guess. Selfish me! I so often wonder this about my own blog…I see that people are there, reading, coming back, etc. but not so many comments. Weird…Congrats on the article getting published!!

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