It’s In Print…So It Must Be True

Earlier this month, I asked the question “What is a secular homeschooler?”  I wanted to see if I fit in with that classification of homeschoolers based on our schooling style around here in Topsy-Techieland. I got some of the best responses from you guys.  In fact, I’m still getting comments on that post.  Thanks for all your incredible input!!

Ironically, this past week, I got a copy of the quarterly homeschool magazine “Secular Homeschooling” in my mailbox, along with a check (always good).11-16

I had submitted an article to the magazine a couple of months ago, and  the editor chose to use it in the fall issue.   So there I was – – my name and my article – – right smack dab in the middle of Secular Homeschooling magazine.

How do you argue with what’s right in front of your face? 

Doesn’t that settle it?  Yep.  I must be one of the cool kids now.  Lord knows I’ve been waiting long enough to fit in somewhere!!

Oh.  I just remembered that I’m still locked out of the Secular Homeschooling social network. Crap.

Well, two steps forward, one step back. 

If you don’t already subscribe to Secular Homeschooling magazine, now would be a great time.  I mean, you wouldn’t want to miss out on my super duper article about homeschooling math according to your child’s learning style, now would you??

Have a great Sunday, you guys.  This coming week is my birthday week…so who wants to party with me???  BYOB, of course.  See you there…


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  1. Hey! Congratulations on being published! That’s incredible. I’ve heard of that magazine, but have never gotten my hands on an actual copy. Do you think it’s worth the money to subscribe? Well, obviously you do . . . I guess I’ll have to pony up for it. I don’t ask for much . . . so maybe Mom #2 will give me a raise in my allowance, I’m already in the whole for this month, LOL.

    Maybe you can re-post your article here? Perhaps ;-).

    And a birthday party . . . count me in!

  2. Congratulations on being published!! Can I still talk to you?

  3. Very nice post. Glad I found your site. I’ve been interested in connecting with the Secular Homeschooling movement for some time, and I’m subscribing to the magazine now.

    I’m bookmarking your site. Can’t wait to read more. Your mission is admirable,

    Brian (a.k.a. Professor Homunculus at )

  4. Hey, lady! Just wanted to thank you again for a great article, and congratulate you on a fantastic blog! A new customer pointed me over here — very nice site!

  5. Mom1 – Think I had better not republish on the web and undercut Deborah’s hard work and efforts, but I’ll be happy to email the article to anybody who specifically wants it.

    Laura – – Who are you again?? 😉

    Professor – – Glad you will get in on the magazine. It really is great! And thanks for stopping by!!

    Deborah – Honored to have you stop in on Topsy-Techieland. It’s been a pleasure working with you!!

  6. Congradulationts! (if thats how you spell it) I can twait to read your article!

  7. Oh, that’s terrific! Congratulations!

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