Da’ Bomb

I didn’t post yesterday cause I was in a state of shock.  SHOCK, I tell you.

Why? Cause it would seem that our little teeny tiny house is not just snug – – but snug as a BUG on a rug.  WE HAVE FLEAS!

Technically, it is the dogs who have fleas, but we are pretty sure they have shared with the rest of the house, cause I discovered a few flea bites on my ankles. 

This in itself is bad.  But what makes it worse is that H-T is a serious bug-a-phobe.  Once we made the discovery, he started looking up local hotel rooms in the phone book. 

Our dogs have had to be outside on the back porch for two days now – – two days which happen to be the coldest two days of the year so far.  They are so bummed. They have started looking up local hotel rooms in the phone book.

So the answer?  A flea bomb.  I can’t believe I dissed those news guys for warning us to build bigger wider bomb shelters!  They were right.  And now I wish I had one (not to go in, of course, but to send H-T and the dogs to so I don’t hafta hear their whining anymore).

Today’s sole purpose seems to be readying the house for the coming Armageddon.  Taping up cabinets with food.  Moving furniture onto non-carpeted surfaces…which of course makes me come to terms with how dang gross it is under the furniture, so of course I have to CLEAN.  As if bombing the house weren’t bad enough, now I have to CLEAN it too??!!  Will the injustice never end??!!

And the final straw is that of course we have to be out of the house for at least  2-3 hours this afternoon while the bomb goes off.  I had SO better get to see Quantum of Solace today for all my trouble.  The pic on the right would happen to be the blond Bond – – star of said movie..(a BIG thanks to my buddy over at Pack of Hungry Snails for this pic!!)


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  1. EW EW EW, i’m all itchy!!

  2. PS who is that guy??

  3. Jen — surely you jest, right? Daniel Craig aka James Bond, dearie!!!

  4. Feel your pain, Topsy!! Been there, done that, never-ever-ever-ever want to do it again! Come on over to Hendersonville Epicurean and enter the raffle for $25 off at Blue Water Seafood on Kanuga. It’s easy. R-T, Uber, T-T and H-T can enter, too.


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