But gravy goes good with birthday cake…

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This is my birthday cake.  I tried to leave one piece of it so you could see it, but lunch came and the piece was sitting there, looking so darn pitiful and lonely.  So H-T and I split it.  We’re empathetic like that. And now, this is all that’s left to remind me of today’s significance. 

My birthday will come and go as quickly as this here cake did.  Is that bad?

Not when you’ve had as many of them as I’ve had now. 

Birthdays at this point are just a day for me to look back over the last year and consider all my blessings.  In fact Thanksgiving and my birthday are basically the same holiday, as far as I’m concerned.  If I tried to count all my blessings, I’d run out of numbers.

I’m so blessed to have…

HPIM1808 the most loving, supportive, kind, wet-your-pants funny husband in the whole wide world

HPIM1560e the two most wonderful, intelligent, creative, kind-hearted boys in the whole wide world

Everything else is just….



8 Responses

  1. You are so right… everything else is just gravy. Thanks for that reminder. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, have a fantastic day!

  3. Nice thoughts AND nice writing. I kept wondering where the gravy was going to come into the story. You got me – right at the end. It was an ahhh moment. Thanks!

  4. Karen – oh I had the MOST wonderful day! Thanks!!

    Jen – it was more than fantastic – – it was fantabulous!

    Laura – I have this weird habit of writing my post titles after the main copy, so they often seem very out of kilter. It’s a habit I can’t kick, though.

  5. Awww.

    Happy Birthday.

  6. Ahhh yes, the gravy. Topsy, you are a blessing too. Thanks for sharing your insight(s) with all of us here in techie land and beyond!

  7. God bless you and Happy Belated Birthday to you.

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