Cool Resource For Elementary Science Unit Study

science songs has created a unique way to introduce some specific science concepts to elementary age students.  It has begun to create interdisciplinary units for their science music videos.

If you have visited the site recently, you may have noticed that they have introduced animated musical videos about four science subjects: hurricanes, the sun, stars, and thunder.  These science songs use video, music, and text to capture the attention of kids with all different learning styles.

But has gone a step further with two of the videos, the Hurricane Song and the Sun Song.  They have created vocabulary lists, spelling tests, and several interactive games that complement the videos and let kids practice and play with what they have learned.

Every parent and teacher knows that engaging with a subject is the most effective way to learn it and retain it.  I think these science units will do just that for kids.

And watch the site closely over the next few months, because I’m pretty sure that they will be adding supplemental resources for the other two videos, as well as adding more science videos to the list. 

If you have an elementary school child, head on over and make use of this terrific science tool today!


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  1. Topsy, you know that I’m going to like this post. It’s get everything I like: integrated studies (science and vocabulary and spelling), a catchy tune, solid science, a multimodal approach to education, something new and something old, and plenty of technology.

    Rock On! By that, I mean stay tuned for the rock song (We are all solid members of the rock family….

  2. DS will love this. I don’t think I’ll show him until he has his own computer, in about 2 weeks. I’m tired of fighting him for mine. The other day he said to me, “O.k., I’m giving you 5 more minutes.” Seriously, should I have to take this from a 6 yo?

  3. I’ve never been to this site! Wow, it’s great! Thanks for posting this. 🙂

  4. I heart learning songs . . . I still have to go “30 day has September . . . ” to figure out how many days each month has. It’s a great way to learn ANYTHING! What a cute site.

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