You Weren’t Using That Were You?

We are a four computer family.  I know.  Shameful.  Wasteful.  Over the top.  But the truth is we really do use four computers.  At least most of the time.  The boys each cyberschool, so they need to haveH-Ts room 003 individual access to a computer during school days.  I work at home from my laptop, so it is basically just an extra appendage sticking out from my fingers at all times. And even R-T likes to know that the computer is there when he needs it.  His blog, for instance, has really taken off, and he has also discovered the addictive properties of Facebook. 

This computer consumerist mentality in Topsy-Techieland, however, creates its own set of challenges.  We tend to find that the grass is greener over on the other family member’s computer.

H-T’s computer is the oldest, and the graphics card just wasn’t designed to handle the latest games.  So when Dad isn’t home, he lays claim to the “man of the family’s” title and benefits.  In other words, finders keepers.

Now H-T’s computer happens to have all the finance software loaded on it.  So when H-T latches on to dad’s computer, I take the golden opportunity to hijack his desktop long enough to balance the checkbooks and find out how much deeper in debt we are than we were last week. 

Then Uber has a game that only seems to work on his computer, so when H-T wants a turn with that, Uber has to go looking for another device.  God help him if I’m working on the finances, dad is blogging, and my laptop is out of power.  At that point, he usually decides that his little brother doesn’t really deserve to play that game after all.  He will bring up some slight that H-T has never completely atoned for, and kicks him out of his chair and onto his computer-less butt. 

Throw in a little accordian music and you’ve got a geeky version of musical chairs. 

Doesn’t it make you wish you could come play? You’re welcome to visit anytime…just BYOC, of course.

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  1. this reminds me of a funny chapter in one of shirley jackson’s books in which everyone in the family plays musical beds and bookshelves. :^)

  2. I hate to admit that we are a 4 (soon to be 5) computer family and we only have 3 people. This can be explained, although not well. There’s a laptop for me and DH. Then DH has a laptop he uses only for tv related things. I think he doesn’t want to soil his work computer. Technically, he has a mini-computer as well. I haven’t seen it in a long time. Hmm. Anyway, that’s 3 (or 4 if you count the mysteriously missing mini computer). Then, there’s the computer that really should have been taken to the recycling center but DH can’t let things go, so he gave it to DS and it barely is capable of running programs for a 6 year old. One at a time. Hence, the soon to be 5 (or 6). There’s also my old laptop, like 10 years old, that is never turned on and it just waiting until one of us goes to the recycling center. But that can’t count, right? That’s just garbage.

    It’s just occurred to me to give you a link to my blog. I always forget that wordpress recognizes me but doesn’t id me. Yeah, good thing I have so many computers at my disposal

  3. We have 5 computers, and there are only three of us . . . don’t ask me why . . . it’s just one of those things. We each have a desktop for school/work purposes . . . and then Mom #2 decided that she and I both needed laptops . . . which I really use a LOT more than my desktop . . . so I guess that was a good idea.

    I’d actually like to downsize to less computers . . . but what do you do with old computers? Especially when you have sensitive information stored on them. Is deleting the information enough? Is it ever really gone? I think I’ve seen one episode too many of 48 hours or 20/20 or some news show where a person was thrown in jail for life because of some obscure search he did 5 years ago in the privacy of his own home . . . or something like that.

    Please help, Topsy-Techie, I know you will have the answer.

  4. BYOC . . . love it! 🙂

    There are seven of us still at home and currently eleven computers. Four of them are mine, all MINE (desk top, laptop, notebook, and pocket pc). We don’t get out much. 😉

  5. Mom1 – You would definitely want to reformat any computer before donating it or selling it. If you tell me the brand/operating system, I can email you some general instructions if you have never reformatted before. Reformatting wipes out everything and brings your computer back to factory start up. Definitely back up anything you want to save first!

  6. Lori – Oh my gosh – – when my hubby is snoring, we seriously DO play musical beds around here…me to the couch, then one of the kids gets up and wants to crash on the sofa, then I go in their bed, then the dog wakes the other kid up, and he wants to crash on the sofa, and it all starts over again!!

    Holly – I am SO glad you thought to give me your blog address!! I wasn’t sure you had a blog because WordPress never told me. Yeah, a new blog to stalk!!! 😉

    Kelly – If you tell me you have an iPhone, too, I’m just seriously going to start being jealous of you.

  7. that sounded like great family fun with computers 🙂

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