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It takes a lot to impress me.  Well, maybe not a LOT.  But still… I can be a bit cynical at times.

Yet, when I saw this video, I wanted to hire this kid immediately.  God only knows what I would have him do for me, but it would be something really special…

Stop-Motion App-uh-lu-cat-ion from Judson on Vimeo.

Watching this young man, and what he was capable of, made me think hard about education in this country.  The times – –  they are a’changin.  Education isn’t gained in the classroom as much as it is grown in the heart and desire of kids who love to learn.  And learning – – even specific learning – – is as close as your nearest internet connected computer.

This 16 year old is passionate about web design and about the company that he wants to work for.  No one at his school taught him how to make a 650 frame stop-motion video.  He learned it because it he enjoyed it.  He had a goal, and he worked for it. 

This impresses me.  What are our schools missing today?  Helping kids find their passion.  That’s what.

I’ll be thinking about this young man for quite some time, and about what he knows that we don’t. 


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  1. Kids! They’re more amazing than most people realize.
    (Psst – Come visit for a minute. I have something for you.)

  2. Now, I’m curious if he got hired. It was a good pitch.

    At the risk of promoting DS, he made a stop motion video too. He you know, well 6. So, it’s slightly less polished. Luckily he’s not trying to get anyone to hire him.

  3. I enjoyed the video. I’m also curious to know if he got the job. Hmmm…

  4. That is really cool!

    I think one of the problems with PS is that it is designed to teach people to follow directions and not think for themselves. I remember reading an article awhile back (Time?) that after that massive wave of layoffs a few years back when companies were getting rid of the over 40 crowd and hiring younger (re: cheaper) help it completely backfired. They found that while the younger employees were exceptional at following directions, they couldn’t formulate plans of action. Many companies ended up re-hiring former employees to manage and direct the young-uns.

  5. Oops, forgot to mention that I’m doing my first ever blog giveaway. You already have one entry. ‘Cause you’re special 😉

  6. Isn’t that beautiful passion? I love passion. That’s one thing the public schools around here don’t do, it’s inspire passion. I don’t care if it’s just street sweeping. I believe everyone should do something they are passionate about.

    I hope he got that job.

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