Care to Feed the Hungry?

No, I’m not talking about your local soup kitchen, although you should definitely see what the needs are in your local area and find out what you can do to alleviate them this holiday season.

I’m talking, rather, about a poor, helpless techie who is trying to survive without a laptop.  If you’ve noticed how quiet it has been around Topsy-Techieland lately, I am sad to say it is the direct result of having my trusty laptop finally give up the ghost. 

It coughed, it sputtered.  It had that distinctive death rattle. 

I backed up as much info as I could while it was still kicking.  But one of the things I forgot to export before the tired thing finally kicked the bucket?  MY FEEDLIST!!

Sadly, I’m not one of those smart techies who uses an online feed aggregator.  I’ve 455572466_19166858d6_o always used Windows Feed Reader and with it, you have to manually import and export your feeds.  So for almost a week now, I have been feedless.

Can you only imagine how hungry I’m getting for my blogs???  Yes, I could go and look up each individual blog that I follow, but that sounds an awful lot like work.  And besides…I’m still reeling with grief and trauma over my deep loss. 

So, I could use some help, faithful readers.  Would you wonderful folks be willing to leave me a comment with your blog feed address in it?  That way, when my new laptop arrives (hopefully today), I can just add you back in, lickety split.  That will be a swell start to easing my feed famine. 

Thanks for feeding the hungry this holiday. (I’m sure there’s a tax write-off in there somewhere).

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11 Responses

  1. Oh, sorry to hear about the laptop. What kind are you getting?

    Here’s the feed to my photography blog:

    and Spanish one if you’re interested:

  2. I don’t know if I was on the tragically lost list or not, but here’s my feed address if you want it:
    I hope the new laptop arrives soon. Deep breathe. Deep breathe.

  3. You know, I was just thinking I hadn’t seen you on Twitter either for a while. Can’t wait til you’re back up and running. I’ve missed you!

  4. Oh, my goodness, You poor dear. I haven’t been on-line too much myself, so I didn’t notice you were MIA.

    I think this is my feed address, but I’m not too good at this whole feed thingy.

    Hope everyone stops by and feeds you.

  5. We’ve missed you 🙂 A new laptop will be the perfect Christmas present!

    • I don’t think it counts as a Christmas present when at least 50% of its usage is for work. So I still better be getting the Mamma Mia DVD and shirts that I asked Santa for!!!

  6. I am jealous. I still don’t have a laptop and have to share a computer with all the kids.

    • I’m sending a letter to Santa this very moment…a hardworking homeschooling mama like yourself definitely deserves a laptop!!

  7. Here are feed addresses for both Blog Hendersonville and Hendersonville Epicurean. Is it arrogant of me to assume you want a feed to both???

  8. You seem to have found me again. I’m sorry about your laptop. I’m convinced mine will go any day. It’s the random shutting off that’s the main clue. But, I do back up rather obsessively. It’s the one good side of living on the edge. I’m on twitter, but honestly, I’m not getting it yet. I think it’s my lack of time to devote to my computer. Maybe that explains that randomly shutting off, too little attention.

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