Twittered Out and Fed Up

You know that aunt that comes to all your family gatherings and feels the need to share in great gory detail about her various aches, pains, surgeries, and scars?  And if you end up having to sit by her all night, you pretty much have to knock back more than just a few Bud Lights to survive the evening with any measure of your sanity intact?

Well, I am telling you to give the woman a break.  Sometimes, even when you know other people don’t care, you just NEED to share.  And besides, throw in a few bad email experiences, and some Windows Vista and I am that aunt.

You see, when things aren’t quite working out in my techie little world, I simply must tell someone.  And since my husband gets this really glaze-y stare when I try to share my online woes with him, then I’m afraid that you are the ones stuck sitting next to me all evening.  It sucks, but life just does, sometimes.  So go grab your lager of choice and DEAL, k?

First of all, I’m tired to death of Twitter.  If you follow me on Twitter, or I have been following you, I apologize in advance if this hurts, but I AM BORED OF YOU!! For some reason, no matter what people Twitter about lately, it just feels rehashed, contrived, and time-wasting.  It was a great experiment, but a failed one overall – – for me at least.  I’m happy to give over my Twitter time to Facebook, anyway because I actually KNOW those folks, and have a history with them.  Face-less messaging somehow just wasn’t my cup of tea after all.

Secondly, I have been lamenting on the fact that no one was updating their blogs lately (including myself).  The truth was everyone else was doing fine…it was my Windows Feed Reader that had gone to hell in a hand basket.  You guys had been saying big important things, like you were moving, and you were having pseudo-fantasies about Dave Matthews, and you were finding snow on the beach, and finding out your children were getting key parts in a play, and I was MISSING IT ALL!  Stupid, stupid Windows!  So, I threw in the towel and manually entered all my feeds into Google Reader (which I later found out you don’t have to do manually, but I’ll save that gory story for another family gathering.)  idaho

Oh Boise, Idaho do I love Google Reader!!!  (BTW, that’s my new  thing.  I randomly insert U.S. cities as exclamations.  I figure it will somehow improve the boys’ geography.)  Now that is a real woman’s feed reader.  It is stylish, sexy, and oh-so-easy on the eyes.  And the best part?  It actually works!!

So let’s go back and recap now, in case you missed one of the details while you were grabbing that last beer.  I’m…

TWITTERED OUT AND FED UP…get it? got it? good.

Sacramento, California that was good to get off my chest!!!  Now you want to hear about my ingrown toenail?



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  1. “For some reason, no matter what people Twitter about lately, it just feels rehashed, contrived, and time-wasting. It was a great experiment, but a failed one overall – – for me at least. I’m happy to give over my Twitter time to Facebook, anyway because I actually KNOW those folks”

    twitter can be extremely shallow. It is over-run by so-called social-media experts, internet marketeers, and plain old scammers. Its actually a chore to ind real, interesting people there. And even when you do, its like a quickfire chat, an exchange or 1 or 2 sentences.

    twitter is easy come, easy go; not about relationships, but a spot of fun. When you start expecting too much from it, it starts to fail.

    another fault is that everyone gets sucked into a collective thinking process. Like when a plane goes down, or Steve Jobs exits. Thats all you hear about.

    don’t use FB much myself. The interface always got me.

  2. I couldn’t find the emotion to care about Twitter either. I think I lasted all of 36 hours before I deleted my account.

  3. I am with ya, Topsy…cheers!!

    • ggw – I found the fun in it for quite some time, and now, somehow, it has just lost its appeal. I think you are right about having difficulty finding the right people to follow, though. That was one of the biggest challenges. Thanks for stopping by Topsy-Techieland!!

      Obi-Mom – in today’s social network culture we just have to pick and choose our obsessions, don’t we?

      Holley – cheers to you…oh, and thanks for being my Facebook Friend with a face!! :0)

  4. All I ever Twitter about is naps and what I am eating. I feel so bad for the people who follow me.

    A couple of my friends were singing to each other via twitter. A pirate song, no less. Springfield, Illinois was that hard to read for as long as it lasted.

  5. Apparently I am willing to sell my soul to google in exchange for storing all my information. I hope I don’t need it later on.

  6. Sorry to see you leave Twitter, but I understand. I still love it though. 🙂

    • Enna – Man, sounds like I got out just in time!! 😉

      Karen – I feel like I’m leaving you at the altar…let me know if things get really juicy and I miss something important!

      Holly – I know EXACTLY what you mean!

  7. I thought I hadn’t seen you on twitter lately! I’m still in the throes of it–I love writing fast and short. I’ve also been finding folks to connect with so it’s really expanded my network in short order. Even got a guest blog spot for the National Wildlife Federation/Green Hour talking about the benefit of being outdoors for kids.

    That said, its become an addiction and I’m working on coralling it. It can get overwhelming. I wonder if I won’t burn out eventually.

    Hope to stay in touch. You’ve been a big supporter! I’ll keep checking in with your blog.

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