One of THOSE Days


This has been one of THOSE days.  And by that, I mean one of those tremendously lovely, wish you could hold it in time, kind of days.  Homeschool glided along like a swing on a breezy day.  I got more than I ever dreamed of accomplished on the work front.  H-T and I created some delectable candies in the kitchen.  The dogs have been particularly well-behaved.

What more could a girl want???  You think that’s all?  It isn’t.

Today is the honored chance we get every year to celebrate the dreams and accomplishments of one of our nation’s greatest visionaries.  It doesn’t seem to matter how many years we have studied Martin Luther King, Jr. in homeschool, the boys never seem to tire of hearing about him.  And even when we think we know all there is to know, we become aware of some new facet of his life that brings all the awe rushing back again. 

Then to top it all off, while we get to celebrate the vision of one African-American, we are on the eve of celebrating the inception of that vision in our new president.  Wow.  It’s hard to stay dry-eyed on a night like this.  Especially when I look out my window and see something else I’ve been hoping and praying for…SNOW!!!!

I love THOSE days.



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  1. It’s so wonderful to hear about when somebody has a great day. A day when everything falls into place and things actually get crossed of their to-do list.

    I’m not bitter. No, really 😉

    And I’m *still* doing the snoopy dance over here. Share some of your homemade candy and I’ll let you see it *snort*

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