A Little Nepotism Never Hurt

Tim My hubby gets overlooked a good bit on this here blog thingy because he just goes along on his merry way every day trying not to upset the apple cart that is Topsy-Techieland.  He doesn’t create drama.  He doesn’t take sides.  He doesn’t stoke the fires of dissent. 

What he does do is keep us from taking ourselves too seriously.  Yes, believe it or not, that can happen once in a while, and R-T knows exactly where to stick that pin so that our balloon can deflate at just the right speed and still somehow save face.  He is probably the single funniest human being I’ve ever had the fortune to know, and no matter what the subject matter, my hubby WILL find a way to make it pee-your-pants hilariously funny. 

We laugh more around here than is probably legally allowed.  We laugh at our local newscasters.  We laugh at our relatives (well, except for the ones that read this blog, of course).  We laugh at the way we dress, the way we speak to each other, and the way we call each other to the phone.  Everything we do or see can be fodder for our hilarity.

And the reason we laugh so much?  Probably because we see so much to cry about.  You see, my husband is the operations director for our local homeless shelter, and not a day goes by that he doesn’t encounter people in crisis.  It’s not an easy job.  Not by a long shot.  Success stories are few, and relapses are common.  In a job like my husbands, you get to know people well enough to take it personally when they lose a child because they can’t overcome drug addiction, or get stabbed under a bridge, or have their last dollar stolen from them because they weren’t mentally able to distinguish the people you can trust from the people you can’t.

Seeing these things every day either makes you bitter, or increases your desire for justice.  Fortunately, my hubby has chosen the latter.  He knows that he can either be angry with God or be God’s hands in the world.  Fortunately, my hubby has chosen the latter.

And one of the ways R-T tries to make sense of all the injustice he sees on a daily basis is by talking about it.  Laughing about it.  Trying to see it in light of his faith.  And he is doing all this in a very public way on his new blog.  So today, I’m showing my hubby a little linky love and suggesting that you drop by and see what kind of impact one man with a heart and a vision and a huge sense of humor can make on the homeless scene. 

And then you will understand just why we need to laugh so much around here. 


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  1. Wow, what a job to have. I think I have a tiny bit of insight on that sort of thing. In my former life, I worked as a social worker for the Health and Human Services Commission (AKA Welfare Department) for 10 years. It really can be the kind of gig that makes or breaks your sense of humor and you spirit in general – if you let it. Seeing that many people in crisis can do a number on you.

    Now I’m off to see the new blog . . more online reading . . . just what I need, LOL.

  2. Thanks for letting your readers know about hubby’s blog. I’m checking it out now!

  3. Wow – kudos to your hubby for the job he does. So many people in that line of work burn out. Luckily he has you to laugh with! ;D

  4. That is a really tough job. Thankful there are people with the perspective to do it.

  5. I was a fan of his old blog, a fan of his new blog and I love that you guys laugh a lot. It is the essence of life in so many ways.

    Wait… you’re not laughing at me, are you???

    Feel free to do so! I laugh at myself all the time and my own dear husband often joins me!

    Thanks for a lovely post.

    • Mom1 – Whatever we can do to keep you online just a few minutes more. No thanks necessary.

      Laura – Hey, cool! He made it to your blogroll. We’re gonna get the big head soon!

      FM – Somebody’s been MIA on FB lately… glad you stopped by to let me know you are still kicking!

      Holly – Perspective. So THAT’s what it’s called. We thought it was more of a “deer in the headlights kind of thing”. 😉

      Ruth – You gotta be careful where you wander these days!

      Fran – Not unless that was you across the street raking leaves in a mumu. Now THAT is the kind of thing that really tickles our funny bones around here!!

  6. Hi. I just wandered over from your husband’s blog. He returned the linky love.

  7. Did you help him with his new-look blog? Just wondering.

    I have wondered over here from his old one occasionally, and I can only imagine the laughter!!

    • VioletSky – so glad you stopped by!! I have to give my Amish-like hubby his props…he handled the whole switchover all on his lonesome. I really think maybe I’m starting to rub off on him…

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